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  1. that's part of the allure... division rival.... got his feet wet in week 1 and came out 100%.... why say you're going full tilt? i love the risk.
  2. was gonna start a thread on this, but didnt.... didnt need/deserve one. i had barkley benched in 2/3 leagues (the only 2 i have him in).... and put him in this morning amidst the "movement" of the masses of benching him. when the masses zig, i always zag
  3. Odell Beckham Jr ends the season as an WR1. 90 / 1350 / 11
  4. wasnt a huge sample size, but wasnt cooper THE #1 wr when dak played last season? pretty sure yes.
  5. wouldnt be one bit surprsed if he gets 15-20 touches.
  6. @jeffzrebiec Ravens had been looking to add RB depth to their practice squad, but their need increased last Thursday when reserve RB Justice Hill went down with a potentially significant lower-leg injury in practice, believed to be Achilles related. Ravens need a healthy No.3 RB on roster.
  7. @RapSheet Source: #Ravens RB Justice Hill tore his Achilles at practice recently. He’s out for the season
  8. i almost feel it's fair to say that if a player, regardless of how good, costs his team a game (and their owner a TON of money), that guy may never play a snap again.
  9. 1) Zack Martin, G, DAL - OUT (eff 05/09/21)
  10. i basically look at a group of 5-6 guys when my pick comes around and take the guy I actually like to watch play. that sometimes means taking a "lesser" player... projections, team, schedule... none of that has any impact on my picks.
  11. nah, i legit draft the players i like, withut being an idiot about it. and i do quite well, overall.
  12. ya it's for this one and not the one with like 25 HoF's in it. (obvious exaggeration, but 04 the best. id even put '17 ahead maybe)
  13. and now I won't have to see it.
  14. oopsie. CUT from the Pats.
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