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  1. http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2017-washington-redskins-1797971084?utm_source=deadspin_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017-08-18 Deadspin does these articles for all teams and this is the one for the skins. profanity alert: for those easily offended, don't click on the link
  2. some injuries cause me to wonder: 1. does the best secondary have 41 at FS instead of 23? also, 29 at SS is an upgrade and he actually got some snaps today 2. is the best OL the one with their 5 best players? I think it would take balls, but moving 71 to LG w 79 at LT is potentially dominating. and Long for Lichty needs to happen
  3. they break up in December and less than a month later she tracks him down at a hotel after drinking all night. I think they deserve each other
  4. Talbot's baseball legacy is his supporting role in Jim Bouton's Ball Four. Bouton also described an insult contest between Pilots' catcher Merritt Ranew and Talbot. Ranew said Talbot looked like a perch with a square head, bulging eyes, and hardly any nose.1970 Talbot cardhad the visual of this odd Talbot cars upon reading your post - as well as the recollection you shared from Bouton's book. I just discovered this thread - Big Ups for it.
  5. dislikewould've preferred reacquiring alex myers from minny
  6. you know, call me a dinosaur, but twitter reposting is a chore to read.great opportunity for a sharp programmer to clean this sht up and make it readable.dig it?
  7. Hall had a good game tonight. He returned at least one punt, too. So did Santana Moss. I don't know why they yanked Crawford from punt return duties, seemed a bit desperate. Was Crawford hurt?Crawford looked like he strained or pulled a muscle in his stomach or torso on a sideline pass breakup he had on a third down (my take from observing--the announcers didnt notice). Then Dallas punted and D Hall was in for the return. But Crawford came back in on defense and returns for the rest of the game.good eye on the sideline pass defense. it was a 3rd down play so Craw had no shot of returning the punt. I do not recall 89 returning a punt.I'm going to have to stop calling 23 "MeAngela." He's playing his best ball now.Should help to get 20 Griffin back next week.LeRib played well replacing 78This team has a higher goal than simply getting to the playoffs.
  8. trent williams and lo alexander round it outwas thinking almo was snubbed, but peterson, lynch & gore are deservinglaron landry all-pro strong safety for the jets
  9. redskin fan here. got a good look at your team yesterday tough d nasty they gave up 38 because of the offense's inability to get 1st downs in the 2nd half which brings us to the O great RB in #33 solid OL gordon/little are nice the problem: weeden is the white jason campbell...he'll bring you to .500, but no more
  10. brandon weeden reminds me of jason campbell big win today holding richardson to 28 yards is huge at least 3 terrible calls against, including a taunting call. does the low interest ron pitts / mike martz called game come with fewer tv cameras too? the review erasing the brown td run had no goal-line camera and it looked like the garcon trap review came from the 400 section.
  11. facts9-2 MD It's been 12 years since you've won the conference (3 for GT). You've never played in an ACCCG even during the FSU down years. You've had a losing record 18 times since 1987. We've won a national championship in that time frame. We haven't missed a bowl game since 1996. We're also 14-6 head to head against you guys. You sure we're not any better than the Terps in football? debating with a 15 year old
  12. Don't worry, without another 3/8ths commitment from Notre Dame, it's likely this will happen at some point, if it doesn't happen tomorrow.B10 is on the warpath. GT will be among the first to crumble, just like the another broke, mediocre program with AAU membership and a market to offer just did. I doubt UVA goes just yet. General Delaney will follow a proven path. He'll take out ATL, then march for the Carolinas and Virginia for final surrender. We aren't great but we're tons better than Maryland. That was unfair and I apologize. I'm just gearing up to trash GT on the way out. They've probably been the most successful ACC program (outside of VT) since the expansion.I measure success by championships and MD won the hoop title in 2002.I don't recall much from GT or UVA This is about football. Want to try again?try again? no. the topic is "Maryland to the B1G" you realize both football and basketball programs are moving to the B1G, right? GT football is no better than MD. you guys seem to be a better CUSA fit
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