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  1. I thought 2012 was ok. Cashback has been my biggest random surprise so far. Some cheeky british romantic dramedy with some gratuitous nudity.
  2. I wasn't aware cawfee was a word.Can you please define?the right side of the equation is the pronunciation, not a word.
  3. Fred knows Venn diagrams. Or is that diawgrawms?
  4. Do you mean like owl, down, frown, clown, etc? Or a different mispronunciation of the letter o?Yeah, do you say ahl, dahn, frahn, clahn?
  5. Do you also hate the 'ow' sound or is it just the 'aw'?
  6. Yes, you'll be able to get by with the 16GB. Unless you're loading up on some serious media you'll have plenty of space for apps.
  7. The o sound in dog is virtually identical to the o sound in don, rock, God, hot, or positive. It's hard to say they're exactly identical because of the g sound at the end, but it's the same basic sound.So then dog = dawg like don = dawn?Therefore you say rawck, gawd, hawt, and pawsitive?
  8. I'm hoping fred pronounces dog like Brad Pitt does in Snatch. That would be funny.
  9. So just pronounce both of them like "don". Problem solved.they are different words and are supposed to sound different.Definitely. I'm not sure who decided the aw sound as in 'Awwwwww what a cute puppy!' is a perfect substitute for the ah sound in 'Open your mouth and say Ahhhhhhh.'
  10. Grew up in Wisconsin. I still do this, and people still look at me funny. I now know it's not normal, but I don't intend on changing. At least I don't warsh the clothes.
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