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  1. How do Redskins fans (or others) see this playing out this year?
  2. What difference does it make that they're both black candidates?
  3. I would think lack of support for Trump matters. And it sure seems to matter to Trump.
  4. To be fair it wasn't just any rally, it was a rally that Trump thought a million people wanted to attend but only 6,000 showed up.
  5. You know why they were shaming him right? Because he wouldn't commit to defunding the police. That doesn't seem like going red to me.
  6. Not a big golf guy but enjoyed this more than I thought I would
  7. I wouldn't like this if I owned Wentz, purely from the standpoint of the threat of Hurts being used in packages and potentially taking away from scoring opportunities. How much that happens remained to be seen but I'd be nervous about that.
  8. Chase Daniel signing makes sense. Needed a good backup and more insurance for Stafford than they had.
  9. Anything's possible but I'm very skeptical of Lions dealing Stafford. If they're being smart, they're using the possibility of drafting a QB as leverage for a trade down.
  10. I assumed you were following their advice. I didn’t say I was upset. Just trying to help.
  11. Might be a daunting goal for some, but first step might be to stop following the advice of the nutrition coalition.
  12. Well they got screwed out of a win vs. GB and then Stafford got hurt, don't think you can fire the guy, think you have to give him at least another year.
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