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  1. 10tm, 2qb Team A got: lamar Team b got: 1.04, 2.01, 23 2nd, lock, big ben
  2. 10 tm, 2 qb. threw an offer at the watson owner.... got a counter of 1.4, 2.1, 2.6 for watson. i think all things considered this is still too much to give up even though the value of qb's in 2qb is so high in this format.
  3. 10 tm, 2QB league. right after the darnold trade i put him on the block and got a bite last night. deal ended up being pretty simple Gave: Darnold Got: 2.01 seems about right. I actually offered the deal and was surprised the other guy accepted it without countering
  4. i hope they trade back from 20. get a later 1st and maybe an extra second. would like to see oline picks with the first 2-3 selections.
  5. if watson avoids a felony conviction, i think he will definitely be playing in 2022 and beyond. Seems unlikely he plays in 2021 but it would depend on the speed of the HPD investigation as well as if any further formal complaints are filed. unfortunately for the victims, the state does not go to trial on these cases unless they are extremely confident they can get a conviction. i got a slight discount on him 2+ weeks ago, but that team is in a rebuild and wont be competing until 2023 so i thought it was worth the gamble
  6. 10 tm, ppr gave: dobbins, jeff wilson, 2.03, 2.04 got: saquon, 3.05
  7. i dunno, he's going to need to hit a homerun with 1.05 to make giving up cmc worth it
  8. 10 team, 2qb, ppr, not involved but yikes team A gave: Saquon Team B gave: ceh, pollard, mooney, penny, 2.01, 2.07, 3.01
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/31/18-massage-therapists-with-names-attached-voice-support-for-deshaun-watson/ how many women have given this guy a massage in the last 3 years? over 200?
  10. seems like it might be a long time before all this is settled even if no criminal complaint is filed. Will be interesting to see how the NFL handles it if by august it's clear that a number of these complaints are going to civil trial route. will they suspend him or let him play while the court cases proceed. if no criminal charges i'd have to imagine he just plays. though i suppose goodell can say, hey perv, your pervy behavior is bad. enjoy your 6 game ban to start the year. i dont think they would suspend him an entire year because civil cases are being worked through.
  11. so this trade request is about him having run out of houston area massage therapists
  12. team b maybe should have waited until after the draft to make sure chase edmonds is the starter? even if he is i dont like this trade much
  13. looks like i misremembered his rebuttal to rusty hardin earlier this week. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/24/tony-buzbee-responds-to-statement-from-rusty-hardin-on-deshaun-watson/
  14. buzbee said earlier this week that the evidence would be submitted hopefully by today. edit: buzbee said he'd issue another statement by today
  15. if he avoids a criminal conviction or even if he gets a conviction on some lesser charge that avoids jail time he's definitely going to play again in the NFL. he's 26 and is an ELITE NFL qb.
  16. it's been quiet for almost 2 days now. my wild baseless speculation is the cops to buzbee to shut up while they investigate
  17. if you believed kenny G talent wise- is a fantasy wr1, you should have no worries about him being able to put up at a minimum wr2 production. his health is what i am more concerned about.
  18. i think if 22 pick was 1.03 or higher you might have an even side. but even then i probably still take the allen side
  19. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/where-things-stand-with-the-myriad-civil-lawsuits-filed-against-deshaun-watson-185850629.html good quotes from a lawyer Craig Mordock, who specializes in sexual assault cases.
  20. i just bought him a few minutes ago in my 10 team 2 qb league. gave dimes, 2.01, mid/late 22 1st and 22 3rd. for context, my team is rebuilding and im not competing in 21. and even after this trade i still have 1.06, 2.02, 2.05, 2.07, 2.08, four 22 firsts, three 23 firsts to work with so i felt it was worth the gamble. I understand i didnt get that steep a bargain.
  21. 10 team, ppr, 2QB. Team A received: Watson Team B received: Dimes, 2.01, 22 1st (mid or late), 22 3rd I'm team A, in a total rebuild, dimes was my only starting qb. I still have 1.06, 2.02, 2.05, 2.07, 2.08. and still have four 22 firsts and three 23 firsts left to keep working on my rebuild. felt i could gamble on watson's career though admittedly there's a chance i just bought a dead asset.
  22. not my trade but thought it was interesting 10 team 2 qb A gave: josh allen b gave: stafford, Mike thomas B now has mahomes and allen as his 2 qbs
  23. hope team B paid his dues for the next 2-3 years already... those are some really rough deals for team B
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