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  1. I don't get your thinking on this one, Watson in one qb isn't with the trouble is he?
  2. Collins and hendo, their massive 7 pt first half will surely lead me to victory this week
  3. might be starting collins over: miles sanders, gainwell, perine, the SF RB's... even scarier is i am starting henderson so i'd have both of my RB's in the thursday night game 😬
  4. 10 tm ppr, gave: pittman got: miles sanders in this league i'm rebuilding and have plenty of WR prospects and not much at RB... felt it was worth it to buy low sanders.
  5. we'll see... if he practices in some form next week then we at least have a shot he can return week 6
  6. If you didn't watch the game... You see hurts stats and you are a ok with today's fantasy performance.
  7. I guess the answer was nah. Sanders 2 carries? Lol
  8. I need about 25 from hurts and sanders... so far they have -0.08 😬
  9. -1 yard, has a drop, not playing 3rd downs... Yah not great bob
  10. Gave fuller and a 23 second for aiyuk. Don't start fuller and felt aiyuk was worth gambling on Different league, im rebuilding, was offered waddle and Elijah Moore for deebo. Mind you I got deebo from this same owner for 2.07 two months ago. Felt like right time to sell deebo
  11. 10 tm, 2 qb, ppr 8 weeks ago: Team A got: saquon, Shepard, Jacobi, Gallup Team b got: laviska, Higgins, djm, trautman, 2.01, early/mid 23 2nd Today Team a got: j chase, Jamaal Williams Team b got: saquon
  12. What a disaster for redraft. If mostert out a while, am I really spending big faab $$$$ on Mitchell? 3rd round draft capital but not enough to be active on GameDay?
  13. I think he played every snap until late in the 4th. Thought he looked ok. They're going to work in Michel more in the coming weeks
  14. I ended up going wr-wr, rb crew is decidedly mediocre. Each team had two keepers to start. Because of keepers, once you get past round 5, players go 1-2 rounds ahead of adp. 12 team 0.5 ppr I feel pretty meh about this team, but we'll see. Wanted dk in the second but he went pick before me. 1.6 Adams 2.7 ajb 3.6 sanders 4.7 djm 5.6 javonte 6.7 sermon 7.6 Logan Thomas 8.7 hurts 9.6 gaskin (keeper) 10.7 Henderson (keeper) 11 mecole 12 Elijah moore 13 Tyrell Williams
  15. sorr,y i really hate the return for what you gave up.
  16. So what are we looking for today? If he's not placed on IR and not placed on PUP then there is a good chance he may come back early this season?
  17. photo not clear, but it appears to be the rams RB together with stafford... but i note henderson has a blue jersey on. he had been wearing a no contact jersey the last day or two... so good sign for the thumb injury maybe? https://twitter.com/StuJRams/status/1430943572468011012
  18. just learned i will be drafting 6th on Monday. able to keep gaskin and henderson for my 9th and 10th round picks. currently leaning towards taking adams at 6. if zeke slips past 5 i probably take him... it will be hard for me to pass on saquon.
  19. a couple pages back a 2qb league trade involving zach wilson generated a lot of discussion.... that same league wilson was traded again: 10 tm, 2qb, ppr Team A got: Josh Allen Team B got: Jeudy, Z Wilson, 22 1st (mid to late), 24 1st
  20. if it were easily done, i'd love to go back and read tweets and articles from these same beat writers describing mitch's first training camp. i'm far more optimistic with fields than i was with mitch
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