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  1. did anyone see Jeffery's second target? he was on a deep route and Cutler completely underthrew him, he had to stop his route and turn back to go for the ball that was defended by some safety or corner. he had 2 of them beat, just needed to be over his head and would have been a TD.. nobody mentioned THAT bad throw by cutler during the game, but it should rank up there with Marshall's dropped TD because had Cutler made the throw to the wide open deep ball, could have been a different game. that said, Alshon is still getting looked at, and after they watch film and see how much he is open, I wouldnt be suprised to see him get a handful or more targets next week against St Louis.. early to tell but that could be him comeout game (if his first game wasnt)
  2. Sorry but The Turbinator is so much better than Sea-Hulk from a national FF nickname perspective. Never did like the Sea-Hulk name they've been giving him. With enough buy in for The Turbinator, I think it can be turned around. Sea-Hulk just doesn't flow in ff.Turbin Stout? like Bourbon Stout?
  3. by no means am I endorsing this individual, but Braylon Edwards' name seems to be said alot. Sidney Rice being the number 1 and Edwards 2 with Doug Balwdin in the slot could mean a ton of completiones, not to mention Kellen Winslow (also a RW3 favorite thus far)
  4. 2012 Floor: 2400/16/13 - 350/3 2012 Ceiling: 3600/30/11 - 700/8 thoughts?
  5. Sidney Rice will play this Friday against the chiefs. If Wilson does well with Rice on the field, is the next excuse for Flynn going to be that he didn't have the same luxury? If Rice catches 6 balls for 100 yards, that may be an obvious argument. If Rice catches no balls but draws double defenders, another argument may persist. I feel even if Wilson succeeds, there may be "reasons" why Flynn wasn't able to succeed the same amount; be it Sidney Rice, another week or preseason thus more practices, etc.. I am a Seattle fan that is rooting for Russell Wilson because he is "exciting" but when it boils down to it, I want the QB that will win more games. - Will ignore "10 million reason" posts. the money was paid, whoever wins games will win games, the overall roster salary will not change.
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