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  1. How's Chase do this every freaking week? Dude's next level.
  2. Nice double move for the score. Henry is a game changer in the redzone.
  3. Think it's a lock at this point. Tenn can just run all second half. And with a dude like Henry, they'll drive all half on this defense.
  4. Wowzerz, think it's time to say for all his greatness, Pat is quite turnover prone...
  5. What a play by Heinecke. Shadows of Eli in the super bowl the way he got out of being dragged down by that shoulder.
  6. What's this now? Seems like a random finger point in the middle of your response. What are you basing this on? What article did you read?
  7. CNN story now saying crew member told him it was a "cold gun" before Baldwin took it. Sounds like some serious #### ups going on by people on the set is where the problem will lay.
  8. When I'm entering a store and some clowns are just standing there talking in the middle of the entrance taking up space, oblivious to the fact they're in the middle of an entryway. MOVE!
  9. So I signed up for OpenSea a few days ago. Is there any significant advantage to MetaMask vs Coinbase wallets? I already have a Coinbase but I see most people talk about MetaMask.
  10. Minny gave up a 4th & 10 for 40 yards at the 2 Then they give up a 30 yard fade to the goalline. Some reeeel bad defense.
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