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  1. Chris Matthews....a GOAT? The same guy who retired cause of (not his first) sexual harassment incident? The same guy who compared a jew winning a caucus to the Nazis taking France? I'm not sure what your qualifiers for GOAT are, but these do not seem to be the work of one.
  2. Joy is unwatchable. Speaks the Twitter troll language too fluently for somebody who's on a national "news" network. Shep is a far superior 7pm alternative.
  3. I'm curious about this 20% claim. Care to expand?
  4. David Doel @daviddoel Is cancel culture when Tesla fires a worker for union organizing? Or when MSNBC fires Phil Donahue for being against the Iraq war? Or when Texas fires a teacher for supporting Palestinians? Or is cancel culture only for important stuff like children’s books and a plastic potato?
  5. Just remember folks, Dr Seuss, Potato Head, etc countless others.....these are all far more important than ending the bombing of thousands upon thousands of middle eastern children and civilians, closing the wealth gap, and making sure everyone here has health insurance. All backseat, trivial issues in comparison tbh.
  6. I don’t think I’ve seen a commercial for quite some time that makes me want to have kids LESS.
  7. Establishment voters (both left and right) love war...just like the leaders they vote for.
  8. Yep. Mid 00s - Early 10s, ATH and PTI were on the tv daily M-F. Can't tell you the last time I've watched either. Tebow-mania and the Bron years Heat really were the beginning of the downfall when the network went from sports news to sports TMZ.
  9. I'm sorry but does anybody here actually like Limu Emu?
  10. Actually I'm offended by names like Bears and Sharks. Those animals murder other animals out in the wild. We shouldn't glorify murderous animals.
  11. https://twitter.com/JoePompliano/status/1358587007551873024?s=20
  12. At this point KC knows Tampa is going to run rest of game, and they still can't do diddly to stop it. Awful.
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