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  1. I doubt it gets that high, but I think $8-10 is guaranteed by the end of ‘22. Smart contracts release later this summer, so be sure to get in before then. Still a fantastic time to buy. One of the safest long term cryptos IMO.
  2. Dude I just remembered too, lol you remember the Billy & Chuck Wedding? so bad, but so classic. Billy's acting getting nervous at the end is gold. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x54888k
  3. Such a shame too. Great look. For as green as he was, dude actually put on some really engaging matches in the ring. Could have had a strong 10 year career at least if he managed to stay around.
  4. I always found that direct post-Austin/Rock period of WWE (like 03-05) really weird as they were finding their identity and direction after those guys left. Had weird storylines like that. The bigger WCW guys starting to ascend. Weird guys in the company like Mordecai or Heidenreich actually raping Michael Cole. It was all over the place until they strapped the rocket onto Cena.
  5. don't get me wrong I'll watch AEW over WWE any day of the week, but nothing in the wrestling world is very impressive these days. I was just thinking about the Stone Cold Biography, and the generational divide/contrast really struck me. There's that one part where he's just started wrestling and he's on the road, low pay, driving all these miles, and he's eating the famous Young Steve Austin tuna and potatoes 3x a day. He says at one point, he ran out of tuna, just munching potatoes, and then eventually he had to call up his Mom to send him $40 so he could buy something to eat. He's
  6. Watching Stone Cold A&E doc for second time. No regrets. Looking forward to Piper in a bit.
  7. Think yall are thinking of the second one, which is consistently in the ranks of worst movies ever made. The first was at least respectable.
  8. Woof. A couple of haymakers overnight. Starting to build back though. Let's see what happens. I'm in this long term anyway, so this stuff really isn't effecting me.
  9. 6 year old's got more charisma than anyone in the company today.
  10. Beat me to it. I don't know about particles or what not, but I heard of it being called a white hole. Basically, think about what a black hole is, it's every bit of matter the thing can suck in, sucked into a single point, a singularity. That's exactly what they say happened at the big bang. Out of a singularity, everything we know came from. So essentially yeah, there's an infinite web of universes. Not that they all exist indefinitely, probably every universe dies at some point.
  11. What crap did they pull tonight? Was it another classic opening? "It's crazy MAGGLE, this post wrestlemania crowd. They cheer the people they hate, they boo the people they like!!" Worst opening I've ever heard. Leave it to JBL.
  12. Good. At least keeping Bray's standard 1 star matches to a minimum.
  13. A still a bigger star than anybody in that company today. Which is an indictment of the booking process, not the talent.
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