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  1. Defender didn't even touch him until Wilson was on the goal line.
  2. Lmfao what. Talk about refs saving Seattle.
  3. NFCC preview it seems early on.
  4. The Leg almost gets better the longer the kick is.
  5. Vikings can't catch a break early on smh.
  6. THAT.....is an incredible defensive play.
  7. Man that was a bad throw. You'll take it if you're AZ though.
  8. Probably right on both accounts. Certainly it's poor play by Wilson. But also....how many times, how many years, how well documented and discussed has it been that Belichick destroys rookie QBs? You either sit Wilson for the game, or (more realistically) with that massive a deficit and little momentum putting any drive together all day, at some point in the 3rd Q or the end at least you take him out. There's a fine line between learning through adversity and letting the kid become demoralized. The Jets of all teams should know coming off of the heels of Darnold.
  9. Eww I just played the first Watch Dogs earlier in the summer and reading that brought me back memories of that crap. It's such an awful game feature. Like I just wanna play by myself, and out of nowhere against my choice there a randomly spawned player trying to kill me to complete their mission.
  10. Yeah I'm waiting for the first slim version. My PS4 backlog is big enough I don't need it right now. Wait for them to get that massive sucker smaller and more efficient.
  11. Fantasy moves real fast sometimes. You blink, and Jameis "eatin dubs and stealin crab legs from Publix" Winston is kicking Aaron "Alex Trebek cosplay" Rodger's ###.
  12. Lol if you want crybaby Aaron to retire tonight, this is how you do it.
  13. That's what I'm thinking. I feel like judging by the jeopardy thing, the grown out sunshine hair....he's in his RG3 "I'm a celeb GQ model" phase. Wondering if his hearts still in football.
  14. Brah is Aaron throwing this game? How tf are they this uncompetitive?
  15. I liked what I saw. Was playing with confidence, and more importantly looked like he was having fun, at least in the first half. Dude always looked like he was doing quantum physics at the line with the Jets. And he's still gaining chemistry at game speed with his new guys. Think there could be something there.
  16. Dude has Trev's eye. Getting clobbered with looks. 3/12. Just gotta up that efficiency.
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