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  1. Have a nice season

  2. chick I'm dating... 1) "Obvi" = obvious 2) "Totes" = totally
  3. this article basically saying what my guys were saying when I created this thread several months ago... My link
  4. So you're 100% in oil? I applaud your intelligent use of diversification.technically 50% in oil...so getting out of the market has been a net gain for me.Will likely hand pick stocks frome here on out and stay away from funds/indeces.
  5. So you're 100% in oil? I applaud your intelligent use of diversification.http://live.wsj.com/video/cuban-on-investing-diversification-is-for-idiots/233AE43E-9DA3-40A3-8F6B-9DC23DD82BEF.html#!233AE43E-9DA3-40A3-8F6B-9DC23DD82BEF
  6. 13,021.82 right now.Got into oil earlier this week(see stock thread)...safer than stock.
  7. That number isn't going to get better for a long time.Only if Nate Silver is right...as of yesterday. I'm reading Nate Silver's book, and it's got some interesting things to say about the unemployment rate following the recession caused by the collapse of the financial markets following the housing bubble's burst.First, unlike most recessions, where recovery generally comes relatively quickly, recessions caused by financial crises generally have a much slower recovery (like 4-6 years); and based on the experiences of other countries, the unemployment rate never truly recovers to pre-crisis le
  8. My link Turns out my guys may have known what they were talking about.
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