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  1. It's starting to get a bit warm here for the Supes, but I like the Black Mesa Loop trail as a good intro to the area. If you get started early in the day you should be okay, but keep an eye on the weather - I wouldn't try it above 90 degrees.
  2. The Supes are my playground! I've probably spent at least 100 nights out there, almost all of it as a soloist. It's an awesome place... and I've never been worried about ghosts 😃! Now rattlers and scorps, that I worry about!
  3. Goblin Valley State Park in Utah is a hidden gem! Great camping there as well. I shot some photos in November: My Blog
  4. I'm heading there in about a week, planning to spend five days backpacking and shooting stills/video - I'll report back after the trip! I've been there once before and it's excellent for photography and surreal landscapes.
  5. I've been working on my sauce and Marg pizzas for years and this is my go-to these days: Pour 28oz can of San Marzano tomatoes into a strainer and let the water drain out (about ten minutes or so) Add about a tablespoon of tomato paste for some body, and about a teaspoon of Anchovy paste for unami. Puree with an immersion blender. Done. I get my dough from a small Italian grocer in the neighborhood. Toss the dough a thin as possible, ladle on some of the sauce - not too much. Tear up one ball of fresh motz. Cook at 500 for ten minutes. While piping hot just out of the
  6. I have a website with portfolios of images, but I've also had great luck with hanging prints for sale in some of the bars and restaurants I frequent. The owners seem to like it because it's free art and they're supporting local artists, and the patrons seem to like it because the images change every month or two.
  7. Consider Photography. It's a great excuse to travel, get in shape, break up your normal routine (like waking at 4am to catch a sunrise). And it's fun! Also a big part of it is spent on the computer, processing your shots in various artistic ways - so that's stuff you can do when the weather is bad or between shoots. And if you can sell a few prints here and there - BAM! Everything is a business expense! k
  8. No problem Man - I'll be back! LOVED the Brisket, loved the Pulled Pork - also had the beans - everything was great. I was surprised at how extensive your menu is! Your guys did seem kind of stressed though... k
  9. Hey Man - I'll be there in just over a week from now. Looking forward to finally checking your place out! Kev
  10. I'd like a part of this as well. Keep me posted and CONGRATS on your success so far! Kev
  11. You're welcome! I spoke with the Father of the Groom yesterday - he told me you did an AWESOME job! He just raved on about every dish, and said that there were quite a few influential (political, law enforcement, lawyers, etc) people at this shindig that were equally impressed. You owe me a beer... K
  12. You got it Brotha! I heard that you landed the wedding gig - congrats! By the way, did you know that the Bride-to-be is the Mayor's niece? Rub would be SWEET - I do a fair bit of smokin here in the desert!
  13. Tipsy - Just sent a group your way - an old friend of mine who's a doctor here in Phoenix, and his family. His son lives there in New Orleans and he's marrying the Mayor's niece. They're planning to stop in next week. Can't wait to check it out mysel someday! Cheers and congrats on all of your hard earned success Man. Kev
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