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  1. Drafted Bell 1.2 Grabbed Conner in time... Hunt was my keeper at 2.9 Grabbed Ware in time.... God I hate FF
  2. Lindsay is second in NFL for rookie rushing (Barkley actually gets the workload) and Lindsay splits work with Freeman/Booker and was tossed out of a game in the first qtr... He is the real deal boys. If he got 20 touches a game he would be a league winner, no one is complaining with this guy in their Flex
  3. Replacing Tre Boo Boo with Brate (at least for the week) tired of 3 targets for 2 rec and 40 yrds.
  4. In my redraft with 1 keeper (cant keep same keeper 2 years in a row) I offered Bell for Adams. Adams owner is out of playoff race basically and doesnt have an RB1 to speak of. He is considering
  5. Also Tates first week. Dont expect to see targets askew in his favor. He will get 5 targets to "Get him going in the offense" but the Slot is the SLot is the SLOT and Tate is one of the slottiest receivers after that ball is in his hands. He could easily end the night with a 3/75/1 line with Lee out. Alshon still going to get 10 targets with a 7/115/1!!!
  6. There is plenty of tape on Lev Bell. He doesn't need to play this year to show other teams what he has... everyone knows what he has. Its just, do they want to pay for it?
  7. Im holding Baily but considering dropping him for Fairbaim
  8. I own Bell and Conner. I only hope for a clear answer from coaches if they plan to use both guys or not. No reason we couldnt see production we saw from Kamara/Ingram last year. Both were RB1's.
  9. Have Conner/Bell Hunt Howard and Fournette. Debating putting Fournette into the flex this week over Howard
  10. Commish is an #######. So is everyone else if you let it happen. Take your L and move on.
  11. They think russell is gonna come on in the second half. we will see..
  12. Car marches down and scores, eventually Ryan has to play catch up if they arent moving the ball well. I like Mitch @Buff with Pryor as their QB lol
  13. Maybe with the inefficiency in the run will help but this was kind of my initial thought. It just depends what Doug/Howie have in mind I suppose. I doubt they trade for him if he isnt coming into 7-9 targets a game.
  14. Good point. I guess we will see how it all plays out lol
  15. Yeah but I really needed help at WR and had tons of great RBs. Now Tate going to philly kills me because am I gonna start Alshon and Tate!?
  16. Last week I traded away Lindsay for Tate... and I draft Alshon... this hurts. Do you think both players will be startable?
  17. I dont think it kills it. I think it remains largely unchanged. Wentz spreads the ball around.
  18. ####, I just traded for Tate....and I have Alshon......
  19. Im holding. I got him on WW a few weeks back and been stashing in my IR spot. Have to take him out of IR when they move him to D not OUT but its a juggling game. I have Conner, Hunt, Bell, Fournette, Clement, just traded away Lindsay. Hope is week 10 he is 90%+ and can stay on field through week 16. They will use him heavily if he can handle the workload. He will be a top 15 back RoS from week 10
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