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  1. I like that one. My wife used to buy that scent all the time.
  2. I’m in NJ between Trenton and Philly. I-295 is my most travelled highway. PThis is essentially what I do.
  3. I agree with your overall concept. I believe it may be more palatable if you get away from the geographic conference names and use something different (coaches names, bowl game affiliations, etc.). Anything other than North/East/South/West. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Think I need to get back on the program. 1/1 seems like the perfect time to do it.
  5. Was supposed to have one today but it was rescheduled (thankfully before I had to start my prep) due to the snow in NJ. This will be my 3rd since 2017 due to an issue I had. I’m on the every 2 year plan now. These are my prep instructions: Clear liquids and nothing solid the entire day before. 4pm - 4 Dulcolax tablets with 8oz Water 5pm - 1 bottle lemon magnesium citrate 6pm - mix 1 bottle of Miralax with 64oz clear liquid. Drink 8oz every 10-20 minutes until half the liquid is gone. 8pm - take 2 gas tablets with 8oz clear liquid if necessary 3am - dri
  6. Did a mile and a half walk, at a pace that was fast for me, with my new lady friend last night. 1.5 miles in 34 minutes. 22’50”/mile pace according to my Apple Watch. My GAF coming back. Mostly due to outside influences. Lol We’ve agreed to walk together whenever we can. Helps that she lives about 5 miles away.
  7. Went for a 2.4 mile hike today. Almost bit off more than I could handle. Place I just found but had never been to. The trail I took was a 3 mile loop. Did about 1.2 and turned around. Turned out to be a little warmer than I thought. Back started tightening up on the way back but I made it. According to my Fitbit 2.43 miles in 59 minutes. My new lady friend says she’d like to try it. Extra incentive!!!! I need all the help I can get to boost my GAF!!!
  8. Slowly coming around. Hovering in a 2-3 pound range. Little bit nicer weather instead of 90’s with matching humidity will help.
  9. Does an 8 mile, 6 hour kayak trip count? Shoulders and arms definitely got a work out. 🚣‍♀️🚣🚣‍♂️
  10. August 1. A new month. Fresh start to try and get my GAF mojo back. Back on the recumbent bike tonight. First time in a while.
  11. Still following the thread. Doing alright diet wise. Fell off the exercise wagon. I still have a little GAF left, cause it’s concerning me. Need to get back on the wagon. Overall, weight has been stable without the exercise.
  12. Good tip. Thanks Found that out when I ordered a fishing kayak. Back ordered. Ordered it any while it was on sale. Lol
  13. Ok folks. Question. Contemplating purchasing a bike to provide a little variability in exercise methods. I have little to no knowledge. I’m 5’9” #290 +/-. Was thinking Mountain style bike, though I would most likely be riding on street or paved/hard packed trails. Would rather not break the bank ($500 or less hopefully). Anybody have any recommendations on a particular bike, or any other tips/suggestions to share. TIA Cheesey
  14. Been slacking off. Diets been ok, not great. Exercise has been limited the past week or so. Weight floating around 289-291. Need to refocus. I’ll have extra time in July for exercise as I’m looking at 10 days of furlough.
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