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  1. Ouch. I have a minor impingement in my shoulder so I have trouble with stretching my arms over my head for the 5 minutes it takes for a CT scan. Can even imagine 45. Good luck and continued Thoughts and Prayers.
  2. I had the left side. No conscious decision just evolved. I still sleep on the left side of the bed, even though I have the bed to myself now. Feels weird if I’m not on the left side.
  3. Been 4 weeks since I started to amend my ways. Up to an hour at a time the recumbent bike, every other day. Trying to get back to everyday (or at least most days). Besides the exercise bike the only other is slight dietary changes. Trying not to make too many substantial changes at once. Right now I’m just trying to build habits. Haven’t set a particular long range goal. For now, I just want to get under 300. May 1 - 318.6 May 8 - 313.0 May 22 - 312.4 May 29 - 309.6
  4. Cancer sucks. Keeping fighting the fight. A mind over matter, positive attitude goes a long way!!! Information is your friend. Research, ask questions. No such thing as a stupid question. Knowledge is power. Sending positives vibes from one person battling cancer to another. #kickcancersass
  5. The NJDOH is blowing up my phone, texts and email about walk in vaccine availability. I got my vaccine a while ago so I assume they are mass contacting everybody that registered with the state vaccine site.
  6. Hey kids. Been awhile. Pandemic restrictions combined with a lot of work stress has taken its toll. Stress eating combined with being mentally fried when logging off the computer at the end of the work day and not wanting to do anything saw my weight creep way up. Decided it was time to begin to address the issue. Consciously tried to start to eat a little less and started riding the exercise bike. May 1 I was 318.6. This morning I was 314.2. Started on the bike for 15 minutes a night. I’m up to 45 minutes. Working my way towards 60 minutes. Other than that,
  7. Hearing this, glad I got the Shingles vaccine in the fall. LOL In the previous year I've gotten the following vaccines: Hep A&B (3 shots), Shingles (2 shots), Flu (1 shot), pneumonia (1 shot), tetanus (1 shot) and Covid (Pfizer 2 shots). Guess I'm not an antivaxxer!!! All were recommended by my various Drs. I'm ready for anything now. LOL
  8. Back in Baltimore again for game 2. My son claimed there was a “glitch” yesterday when he purchased the tickets, and that they were actually for today’s game. On the drive to Baltimore yesterday, a 2 hour drive!, he re-ordered tickets for last nights game. Of course he didn’t tell me any of this until this morning. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Good thing I like baseball and had nothing going on. At least he sprung for the tickets, for both games. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Two weeks post Phizer shot 2. Supposedly means I’m fully vaccinated. To celebrate my son and I are driving to Baltimore for the Orioles-A’s game tonight! First MLB game in person since August 2019.
  10. This is anecdotal. My son told me a friend of his, fully Covid vaxxed in PA, was not going to be admitted to MSG for a Rangers game since he wasn’t vaccinated in NY. They weren’t going to accept his OA vaccination card. Lucky he had also had a negative test result within the required time frame so he got in. If true, that’s crazy.
  11. Heard he declined press availability yesterday to hit the practice green. Think it was on Live at the Masters coverage on the golf channel.
  12. I almost posted the same answer. Lol
  13. 12 hours post Pfizer shot 2. No significant effects. Minimal soreness at the injection site. I’m a little tired but I attribute that more to a rough nights sleep Thursday. Definitely feel better now than at the same post shot 1. Expect arm soreness tomorrow but shouldn’t be too bad.
  14. Leaving for Pfizer shot #2 in about an hour. Felt a little blah the night of the first dose. Minimal arm soreness the next day. Hoping this round isn’t any worse.
  15. 55 years living in New Jersey. I’m doomed! Lol
  16. If I was married, I probably would if she wanted me to. Although it would pretty boring to track. Lol
  17. Good luck. Sending positive vibes!!!
  18. I took my HPB meds the morning of my shot. Never considered not taking them or asking if I should.
  19. 48 hours post Pfizer shot 1 and I feel fine. Not even arm soreness. My son got it the same time as me and has had no issues.
  20. Little over 24 hours post Pfizer shot #1. I feel good. Minimal arm soreness. No worse than other vaccines I’ve had. Otherwise no discernible adverse reaction.
  21. 12 hours post Shot #1. Arm is a little sore. No worse than other vaccines (have had 6 vaccine shots in the past 6 months). A little tired. Nose is running like a faucet but I’m not sure that’s vaccine related or seasonal allergies kicking in. Guess I’ll see what the morning brings.
  22. I waited about 6 months total for a specific fishing kayak. Ordered it early July through REI. Early September REI send e an email saying it was no longer available. Re-Ordered it through a dealer about 90 minutes away. Was notified that it was in around Christmas but couldn’t pick it up until early January since they were closed for the holidays.
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