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  1. I have a few Boss Baby jokes, but I'm letting the temperature drop a bit first.
  2. We need to get back to naming albums with roman numerals like Chicago or Queef Wellington.
  3. Have you guys ever done just a full on geographical draft before? You could have songs by artists associated with or from or songs about specific cities, regions, or countries. So eephus' list has London and Paris, Ireland, and New Orleans. But other ones (some of which I'm sure have been previous Genrepalooza categories. Georgia On My Mind -- While this would be for Georgia, you could narrow it to Atlanta or broaden it to Georgia and Florida and call it Florida Georgia Line. Golden Gophers and Drawn Out Winters - Minneapolis New York State of Mind -- Duh Madchester -- The whole 24 Hour Party People Scene Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy -- Australia (and New Zealand?) California Knows How to Party -- You could probably also do LA and the Bay Area PDX -- Pacific Northwest You Know How I Know You're Gay?-- Asia Bless the Rains -- Africa My Favorite Mitten -- Detroit and the Rest of Michigan Outlaws and Guitarists Who Look Like Rabbis -- Texas Hello, Cleveland! -- Ohio I Saw Mommy Booing Santa Claus -- Philly and Pennsylvania This Genre is Wicked Hahd -- Boston and New England Take Off, Eh! -- Canada The Final Countdown -- Wild Card Europe A Horse With No Name -- Wild Card US
  4. This is amazing, even considering the murkiness of xGs. https://twitter.com/johnspacemuller/status/1451328979948900354?s=21
  5. I’m pretty sure the Radio Radio category is just so eephus can tag on whoever takes Spirit of the Radio.
  6. My wife inexplicably put the Kidz Bop version of Uptown Funk on her car playlist and it is SO creepy hearing a 12 year-old singing about getting horned up for Michelle Pfeiffer.
  7. Some of those sound cool but I will murder you all before I take a Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd song.
  8. The 1995 Copa America would probably also have to count, but again, it was a mini-run. But maybe the most impressive. Win over Chile, loss to Bolivia, huge 3-0 win over Batigol's Argentina in the group stage. PK win over Mexico in the quarters. 1-0 loss to world champion Brazil (not as close as the score) in the semis. Then stomped by Colombia in the 3rd place game.
  9. You know, Sepp may have been corrupt and way sexist, but he wasn't nearly as stupid as Gianni. Comnebol would just have a situation where half went to one tournament and the other half to the other.
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