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  1. Pato to Orlando City is 100% the kind of out of left field MLS signing I am here for.
  2. It’s still out of court statements offered for proof of the matter asserted.
  3. Or just rely on the fact that the defense offers no facts related to the timeline. They can’t tell us whether Trump knew Pence was in danger. They can’t tell us what Trump was doing for hours as the rioting went on. They can’t tell us why he sent the tweet slamming Pence when he did. Trump has declined to testify, despite the 5th Amendment not applying here. The defense has offered nothing to show that Trump attempted to stop an armed riot aimed at stopping the certification. And his failure to do so is a violation of his oath of office.
  4. Most of the timeline stuff is built on hearsay. But hearsay is not inadmissible in this proceeding. As near as I can tell, there is no procedure to even admit evidence. Even if it were, the defense would need to object when the evidence was offered. Not wait until their own presentation.
  5. “No unity unless you submit to our gas lighting about the election and the events of 1/6,” is a hell of hill to die on, but you do you. Plenty of Republicans knew it was wrong. Multiple cabinet members quit. Liz Cheney risked her leadership post. Probably at least five GOP senators will vote to convict. This should be a layup for any GOP Senator, because God knows they would (rightly!) call for the impeachment of any Democrat who did this. So again, do you. But we know who is really putting politics over unity. It’s the ones defending the indefensible.
  6. I don’t think that’s right at all. It is not merely that the rioters breached a federal building that made January 6, an “insurrection.” It’s that they did so to disrupt a Constitutionally-mandated process necessary to the transfer of power. It is a direct assault against Constitutionally delegated authority and is thus recognizable as insurrection as described in the U.S. Code.
  7. Have a whole stable called The Factory. My gimmick would be cutting promos in an accent so thick, no Yank could understand me without subtitles.
  8. I wonder how many times I’d have to be awakened by someone screaming “You’re twistin’ my melon, man!” until it ceased being cute.
  9. As of 2009, when my college buddy made his pilgrimage, the Hacienda site was luxury condos. And I guess the original dance floor is now a parking garage (but they kept the beams).
  10. I really kind of respect the ability to go down as if a sniper headshotted you within a millisecond of realizing you took a loose touch.
  11. As for Uly, it turns out his father died, so his situation might not be quite as dire with Heerenveen/Wolfsburg as we assumed.
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