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  1. To be clear, Mexico sent exactly one player who plays in a top European league to the Olympics. Diego Lainez. And he typically comes off the bench for El Tri. They also sent Memo Ochoa, their normal first choice GK, as an overage player. Japan had 10 starters from European clubs (and Mexico had beaten France, a pre-tournament favorite, 4-1 in their opening game). Youth tournaments are always sketchy and results can fluctuate wildly.
  2. Morris got injured at Swansea. Arriola went to Swansea shortly after returning to DC United after tearing his ACL and never really got minutes in a short loan. For what it's worth, he has 3 goals in 5 caps for the US since returning, albeit not against great teams. I think he's largely the same guy he was before the injury, although he's more prone to niggling injuries now (not surprising as major knee injuries often leave you prone to muscle injuries afterwards). I agree with the assessment that Arriola is a high floor/low ceiling guy. But that might be a better fit to round out the 23 than perhaps a guy like Hoppe who is kind of a wild card. Arriola isn't going to start over Gio Reyna. But he can play multiple positions and is rarely going to hurt you in a game with a bad mistake or not put in the work. The same is true of Lletget (though I have no defense why they still have him taking set pieces). I don't know if Arriola will make the qualifying squad. But he's in contention, as he should be.
  3. This would normally excite me, but the guy seems to have just earned Luchi's trust. I'd hate to see him have to start over at a time when what he needs are reps.
  4. Arriola was coming off an injury, and I do think he was tasked with a lot of defensive work because they wanted to keep Shaq relatively high.
  5. Has anyone, on this board, linked criticism of China's human rights record (or specifically, their treatment of the Uighurs) with racism and the rise of anti-Asian attacks? I've been banned, so maybe I didn't see it. But I think there's a very real difference between taking issue with calling Covid the Kung Flu or China Flu or Wuhan Flu and defending the Chinese government. Just on the basis of facts. There is no factual debate about what China is doing to the Uighurs. There is considerable debate (to put it mildly) against the proposition that the facts show that China developed and weaponized Covid 19, which is what I see people criticizing as fueling the rise in attacks against Asian Americans. Similarly, it seems pretty disingenuous to me for anyone who tends to champion capitalism to seem puzzled at the hypocrisy of even the "wokest" for-profit company not choosing to boycott the largest market in the world. I mean, no ####.
  6. I suspect this will end up like like another Gold Cup I remember where a largely B/C team fought their way to the finals only to get annihilated by Mexico. And I'm OK with that. This team should not be able to beat the team that Mexico brought to the Gold Cup. And because good teams generally improve as tournaments go on, I'd expect Mexico to look very good in the final (it helps that Canada doesn't even really have a striker to play in the semis with Cavlini on yellow card suspension). I'm mostly pleased with what GGG has achieved in this tournament. The offense has struggled to create chances, no doubt. But the defense has mostly been very good and Sands and Robinson have distinguished themselves while getting lots of positive experience. Tim Ream was still getting lots of minutes in the Nations League. We can now be pretty sure he won't be on the WCQ roster. That's progress. We have two guys who could conceivably cover for Tyler Adams in Acosta and Sands who are better than who had in that spot before in Yueill. Progress. Even if Busio isn't ready, and I don't think he is, he's gotten some much needed experience and has shown some willingness to correct deficiencies in his game. That's also progress, albeit more toward 2026 than 2022. Turner has shown that he can be pretty much the same guy for the Nats as for the Revs. I don't love his distribution, but unlike Steffen, he seems to know his limitations there and isn't afraid to just put his foot through the ball and live to fight another day. I still think we're a ways from the days when Keller, Freidel, and Howard make goalkeeping the team's greatest strength, but I don't think it's a weakness. Which isn't how I felt last year. Even the decisions that I might be inclined to criticize GGG about (bringing Lewis and few wings) are defensible, IMO, as ways of propagating team culture. Which is something GGG has shown he really understands. There is a time to be ruthless in roster selection. But there is also a time to keep recognizing guys who understand the system and try to what's asked of them. And that's how a guy like Roldan, who has usually looked game but not quite talented enough for this level, can come in and turn around a quarterfinal. There are downsides. I think we all hoped Dike could come in and show something that made him a no-brainer as the No. 9. It's hard not to be disappointed as that's still a big question mark. But even there, the US has more choices now than last year. Pefok has actually been close to dominant in a mid-tier European league on a per-minute basis. I'm not sure how much more I could expect going into qualifying. Which isn't to say it won't be a white knuckle experience. My sense is that CONCACAF is weaker at the top (with no team outside Mexico and the US as good as Costa Rica in the last ten years), but it's probably deeper. I think the compressed schedule helps the US because teams like Canada and the Central American teams lack depth in their rosters.
  7. FWIW, Busio actually did do well on duels against a physical team. 10/15. I didn’t like his passing tonight, but he did compete.
  8. Hoppe throwing out those CR7 stepovers at least made me feel something for a moment.
  9. Feel like Dike came along just to stop all the jokes about Gyasi’s first touch.
  10. LOL. "How will our kids learn of the legacy of Chief Knockahoma now?"
  11. He was super highly regarded as a 16 year old, but Dallas just seemed to never play him a string of good minutes at the 9. They kind of got forced to this year, and he's been as hot as any striker in the league since getting the starting job. FYI, sound the Bobby Wood inaugural MLS goal klaxon too!
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