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  1. OK. This is probably the one song that I kind of have to get. Next round maybe I'll start looking outside my comfort zone. Is it the greatest come-on song of all-time? I believe that it is. But more importantly, it has spent a tidy 25 years as my certified #1 karaoke JAM. I'm an OK to middling karaoke singer, but with this song? I have produced triumphs. From being called "Marvin" by a Vault 10 firm's managing partner. To winning over a full redneck bar (where I had, ironically, been challenged to a fight for ragging on Clapton), to winning over the crowd at @fatguyinalittlecoatand his wife's party. Like Linus with his security blanket, just give me: 2.18 (No. 264) -- Let's Get It On -- Marvin Gaye
  2. Any song that can make me sing along with two complete strangers while waiting in line at Ben's Chili Bowl has some sort of magic. "THERE IS NO TIME TO LOOOOOOOOSE!"
  3. I'm a certified Clapton hater from way back. I'm not the kind of guy who digs into an album like My AIm is True or Astral Weeks, but I like EC's and Van's greatest hits stuff as much as the next guy. Radio, Radio and Wild Night are both fun singles. But again, this is hard. I'm sure everyone would hate my list (where Let it Whip by the Dazz Band would be like number 22) way more.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if Costello, Clapton, and Van Morrison didn't get a little markdown for their anti-shutdown shenanigans.
  5. My kids would like to lodge an official protest that the BOC song chosen by RS wasn't Godzilla.
  6. When my joke gets a “laughing emoji” reaction.
  7. Think I had this one in the second genre draft. So good. Still amuses that he went on to do the Buster Poindexter shtick.
  8. Gladys is great. It’s a great song. But I’ll never stop being amused by how impressed my Mom was that the Pips could sound like a train.
  9. The man has video of me doing Brick House with a live band. I have to keep some of his secrets.
  10. First pick I’ve butchered at Zilla’s apartment so bad that they had to remove his gall bladder.
  11. I had Surrender in the 50/50 draft, so I obviously think it rocks, despite being too neurotic to double-dip.
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