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  1. 14 minutes ago, NewlyRetired said:


    USMNT Only


    Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri after the 3-2 win over Spezia “There are players who have important qualities and who need to improve. [Weston] McKennie for example, should have scored at least four goals and those chances make the difference.”

    I don’t mind this. It isn’t the type of comment to bury a player, but rather to show you see his potential and motivate him. 

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  2. Just now, El Floppo said:

    Sargent didn't dress today. Might be a rest after coming back from injury last weekend for 70'. Or might be another knock. 

    Swag didn't see a minute last weekend. I have a baaaaad feeling about minutes to come.

    Probably a good sign that they'd leave Sargent off the roster for a mid-week Leagues Cup game.  

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Ramsay Hunt Experience said:

    The signing of a promising young left back always prompts me to ask what happened to XuXuh Hilton. 

    The answer is apparently riding the bench for FC Volendam’s ( Dutch 2nd Division) U21 team.  Another Kleiban success story!

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  4. Just now, El Floppo said:

    yeah. most of us feel that Steffen and whorebath have the most upside though, right? and seemed set to be in great situations. but they're both going to stall if they can't get regular PT. I mean... I don't mind a guy like Johnson, but am content to roll the dice with the two out of work youngsters rather than with an aging and equally error-prone/low ceiling guy in Guzan. I still don't really know Melia's game at all- but trust you guys and your vote of confidence in him.


    I literally don't know what "upside" Horvath has.  He's not that young anymore (26).  He never set the world on fire when he was starting for Brugge (he had a few good games in big spots, like some Champions League group games, but he wasn't consistent).  Brugge went out of their way to sign Mignolet, who most thought was over the hill (and never even an average PL goalkeeper in his prime).  And Horvath never provided any inkling of competition for Mignolet.  And now he's had two chances to make Forest drop the incomparable Brice Samba and has been unconvincing in both.  

    If we ignore mistakes and just went by upside, we'd still be calling in Bill Hamid, even if he's proven error and injury-prone for the Nats.  At least he's had seasons of data where he was close to the shot stopping force Turner is now.  

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  5. 1 hour ago, El Floppo said:

    The howlers need game time to shake out. He needed to win this starting gig or find somewhere else stat.

    Well, we have a number of goalkeepers who have gotten plenty of game time.  Guys who have been in the program like Johsnon and Guzan.  And guys like Melia who have inexplicably never been in the program (if this were pre-tournament instead of qualifying, I'd call in Melia because he's a PK god). 

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  6. 19 hours ago, El Floppo said:

    took a bit of a whorebath there.


    I think Horvath is an interesting case study.  Because really the only argument I can make that he should even be the third GK is that relief stint against Mexico (I guess he was fine in the subsequent Costa Rica friendly too, but they were so checked out it hardly merits consideration).

    Otherwise, he's played extremely sparingly for his club teams for 2 plus years and has still managed to somehow amass a collection of howlers in the few minutes he's gotten.  

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  7. 2 hours ago, NewlyRetired said:

    some good stuff but some odd stuff too.

    I don't understand why the long term injured guys are on the depth chart.  Williamson is done for a long time.  Long and Morris have not played a minute of soccer since their injuries.

    I know GGG loves familiarity with a player but I would be surprised if he rated Moore, who can't get any minutes in the second division in Spain over Scally who is getting a ton of minutes in the Bundesliga.

    it also struggles by trying to slavishly out each guy into a slot. And I get that’s Gregg’s normal formation, but you end up with Acosta as an 8 when we know he’s the prime back-up at the 6. Or Ferreira as a right wing, when if he gets the call-up, he’d almost certainly play off Pepi which he’s done so well for Dallas  

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