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  1. Gregg adding the wraparound behind the back pass.
  2. Close, DC United (he’s been spicy this year).
  3. CP with the old Jack Wilshere, over dribble until your knees crumble special.
  4. On the positive side, I’m enjoying picturing the announcers wearing bee costumes.
  5. :GM: This is the sound of my people! BUZZZZZ!
  6. :stolen: Listen. Until you’ve tasted the heat of the chicken. Until you’ve heard the din of the bachelorette parties. Until you’ve felt the physicality of the mechanical bulls, you don’t know what it’s like to gut out a point in a Concacaf destination like Nashville.
  7. Connor Casey brace IIRC. I’m calling a Lletget brace fir tomorrow night.
  8. That would be ludicrous. We’d be in second or third. The only possible candidates would be MLS retreads or MAYBE Marsch (who would be killing his reputation by leaving Leipzig so soon after the Red Bull’s organization has invested so much in him). So if your best shot is luring Bib Bradley back or maybe Brian Schmatzer, who would make that move if you’re in the qualifying positions?
  9. Gotta say. If he spent all night with this chick then brought her back to the hotel, then the ***** must have been electric.
  10. Remember when GGG tried Pulisic as a “dual 8”? It didn’t work. The guy doesn’t play as a 10 for his club. And I doubt the USMNT have trained CP anywhere but as a left wing for the last few camps. He’s not a central player. Maybe a club team could experiment with him as a second striker, but I don’t see how the Nats could right now.
  11. There are two teams ahead of the US in points and they play each other. People calling for GGG’s head can’t say who should be managing and can’t point to a clearly more successful national team manager (because GGG’s record with the USMNT has been as good as anyone’s). Maybe he’s not the guy. Maybe these aren’t the players. But there’s no magic coach out there who is going to instantly transform the team. Just chill.
  12. I will now irresponsibly speculate that it was Rebecca Robinson.
  13. Haven’t heard them. I’ve mostly assumed it was strippers in his room or something. Because that at least sounds fun.
  14. Yes, it is. He was also undefeated in the World Cup with New Zealand (all draws, so maybe his influence is already being felt).
  15. I think Weston must have slept with Eric Wynalda’s wife.
  16. My guess is that Gregg wanted to focus on the game at hand first and figure out the third game later after reflection. And maybe another stress-jog.
  17. It’s like an entire life story dedicated to the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  18. Goff intimated that it wasn’t as bad as him partying on Broadway, so I think the media knows. They just won’t burn a source.
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