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  1. Colts D has been extremely lucky with some of these TDs and special teams gifts. They haven’t necessarily looked like a top unit on the field (fantasy wise).
  2. What a waste of a fantasy draft pick and definitely irl draft pick. The whole play was that he would have tremendous upside if Carson were to go down, but he himself can’t even stay on the field.
  3. I don’t know. I’ve watched some of the early games this season, and have consistently angry when it’s Demarcus or Mecole catching the TDs. But when I look to Sammy, he’s the first one running over to chest bump those guys. I def don’t think it’s an act.
  4. Holy sh** I can’t believe I got greedy / fell for the dwindling hype and took this guy over Mattison at the end of the draft, despite telling myself in advance that the only way I draft Cook is if I also get Mattison. Now I cringe after every single hit Cook takes.
  5. Trade should be reversed. Whether you saw the news or not, the owner would not have made the offer under the existing circumstances. I think its bush league for your league to let that stand. People can't stay glued to their fantasy football teams 24/7. Thus, its very easy for the owner to miss the Martavis news.
  6. Not to be that guy. But the 49ers did bottle up Gurley pretty well outside of 2 long runs (including his last carry of the game) that went for almost 50 yards combined.
  7. Welp. It was fun while it lasted (actually it wasn't fun at all).
  8. My thoughts exactly. The first three drives of the game, Randle was used as a feature back. DMC shows up and runs through gaping lanes against the backups and is now the guy they'd ride? Huh? DMC can run fast, so long as you don't ask him to juke anyone or break a tackle, or run fast too often. Otherwise he's getting hurt. I think he may get a series to every 3 or 4 for Randle, but unless Randle gets hurt or outside talent is signed, I'm pretty confident he's the guy. Just looking at the history of Charles Robinson's feed. All of these stories are gossip mongering about RG3, Hardy and Peterson for the most part. The reason I looked is because I thought he was the same guy talking about possible Peterson trades way too much. After looking.. yep the same guy. Let's hope this is the case. Combining this with everything else is what makes me nervous about the situation.
  9. A little worried about their O-Line dropping like flies.
  10. Randle owners: We're screwed. Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson reports the Cowboys believe Darren McFadden is the "best of the bunch" at running back. Robinson reports the Cowboys are committed to a running back by committee, but he added Dallas would have likely ridden McFadden's hot hand on Saturday night had it been a regular season game. Owner Jerry Jones has talked up Joseph Randle all offseason, but it appears McFadden has a real chance to lead the team in touches if he can stay healthy. The uncertainty surrounding the situation makes Randle un-draftable in the fourth round. According to Yahoo's Charles Robinson, the Cowboys' plan to use an RBBC backfield is "not a bluff," and the rotation will be a "committee in the purest NFL form." Per Robinson, "the Cowboys are adamant that their elite offensive line can be the glue that elevates a collection of parts into a greater whole." In other words, the Cowboys are banking on their O-Line and less on the talent of their backfield, which is questionable to be kind with Joe Randle, Darren McFadden, and Lance Dunbar vying for work. Had Saturday night's preseason game been a regular season one, Robinson believes the Cowboys "would have ridden McFadden's hot hand," despite Randle starting the game. Robinson guesses none of the Cowboys' backs will rush for more than 850 yards this season.
  11. This is a very interesting article. I had Watkins as my sleeper WR stud this year. Not feeling great about that anymore.
  12. Can someone who follows the Patriots very closely please help provide a critique of Danny Amendola (aside from his injury issues)? I ask, because I assumed that he would be a factor on this offense if healthy. He looks like an afterthought at this point. Is Julian Edelman really THAT much better than him, if at all?
  13. Still calling it? Here's the problem with this: If Donald Brown leaves, Trent's draft price will skyrocket, making him a very risky draft choice after what we've seen this season. With Brown still in the picture, I MAY be willing to take a gamble on Richardson as a value pick. The Colts current front office spent a 2014 1st on Richardson. Brown will not be the one to hold Richardson back. Meaning, he does not have to sign elsewhere for Richardson to emerge.
  14. Fault ranking: 1. O-line 2. Tannehill 3. Wallace
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