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  1. I read in an article today that Jordan said they finished at least an hour ahead of the U.S. team on day 1.
  2. I think the team that finished first on day 1 was getting a 5-minute head start for the final leg regardless of their time on the first day. So they could have finished 30 seconds behind or 30 minutes behind and they were getting a 5-minute head start.
  3. Zach has been one of my favorites this year. His one-liners are great and his confessionals are always entertaining.
  4. I suspect she comes back to save the day when things look bleak for her side. The only question then is what the strategy is for her to leave the show (I'm assuming she won't die because they want to use her in the stand-alone Rick movies that are planned).
  5. I guess I don't get why there would be any expectation that Joey Hauser would be eligible this year. I think there is far more cause for people to be upset with Potter's case being denied than Hauser's.
  6. Weren't you listening to the women in the tribunal? You have to stick with your alliance to the end!
  7. I thought last night's episode was pretty good. I did not see what happened at the end of the episode coming.
  8. Jordan is a donkey, but I respect that he is there to compete. He is also one of the best competitors pretty much every time he has been on. He backs up his talk with excellent performance. He's not my favorite people, but he's better than the people who are A-holes and do everything they can to not compete.
  9. No real advice, but it sucks that it seems your daughter is married to a d-bag.
  10. Kim Spradlin also won her season after leading a strong female alliance.
  11. I would guess that those claims are far less likely to be true. I also think that those cases are rare, but that is my opinion and have not seen any research about that specific set of circumstances.
  12. Not weighing in on this particular case, but I've seen research that has indicated that false claims are rare. Here is a link that I found quickly: https://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/Publications_NSVRC_Overview_False-Reporting.pdf
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