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  1. He has to be 2nd off the board in dynasty and perhaps even redraft at this point.
  2. I suspect the fact that he set records on championship week will stick in people’s minds. Guys I’m buying: Jerry Jeudy and to a lesser extent Henry Ruggs- remember when the 3rd or 4th year breakout was a thing? Neither guy landed in an ideal spot but both have upside for days and have lost a lot of value. No hesitation giving a late first for Jeudy or a high 2nd for Ruggs. Guys I’m selling: Shenault and Chark- I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Jags WRs upside with Lawrence and you can probably find buyers. My gut says there will be growing pains even with T-law and neither guy is spe
  3. Same boat, Thielen and Evans got me ahead so I’m playing it safe-ish rolling with Goedert.
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