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  1. Podcasts: The FF Dynasty is probably my favorite, mainly because the it’s the closest I've found to me and my buds casually talking some dynasty. Also really enjoy the previously mentioned Locked On and DLF.
  2. He has to be 2nd off the board in dynasty and perhaps even redraft at this point.
  3. I suspect the fact that he set records on championship week will stick in people’s minds. Guys I’m buying: Jerry Jeudy and to a lesser extent Henry Ruggs- remember when the 3rd or 4th year breakout was a thing? Neither guy landed in an ideal spot but both have upside for days and have lost a lot of value. No hesitation giving a late first for Jeudy or a high 2nd for Ruggs. Guys I’m selling: Shenault and Chark- I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Jags WRs upside with Lawrence and you can probably find buyers. My gut says there will be growing pains even with T-law and neither guy is spe
  4. Same boat, Thielen and Evans got me ahead so I’m playing it safe-ish rolling with Goedert.
  5. My reasoning is that I took singletary in the 2nd round as an underwhelming athlete but good situation and potential to make some noise on an ascending offense. From what I had seen up to the time of the trade I really liked singletary but I expect the bills to invest in another competent rb if not a true feature back through draft or FA. Singletary could lose value between then and the draft, and not likely to emerge as a bonafide stud worth a top 5 pick, whereas the 1.8 will have a constant value which fits my goals in a rebuild. Can’t say I wouldn’t love to have the Motor on my team but I w
  6. 12-team QRRWWWTF 0.75ppr Trade 1 - made just prior to playoffs, I'm rebuilding he's contending Gave: Devin Singletary Got: 2020 1st (8 overall) Trade 2 - Made just after this guy was eliminated from the playoffs. Gave: 2020 1st (will fall between 9-12) Got: Odell Beckham Jr. I know some of you will kill the guy who gave me OBJ, but I can understand his desire to move on. And yes I realize it's crazy I got more for Singletary than I gave for Odell. I'm sure Odell is very available in many leagues right now.
  7. 12 team 0.75ppr qrrwwwtf gave Alshon Jeffery got 2020 3rd (top 4 potentially), Preston Williams
  8. 0.75 ppr qrrwwwtf Started 0-2 and decided to rebuild. Gave: Todd Gurley, Aaron Rodgers, Malcolm Brown Got: A.J. Brown, 2020 1st, 2020 2nd (both probably mid to late)
  9. I’ve only glanced at a couple ADP lists but it seems like Julio is going a round or two before Kittle in many startups. I’m the side that gave up Julio and I didn’t feel like I was stealing or anything 🤷‍♂️
  10. 12 team 0.75ppr QRRWWWTF Team A gets Julio, 1.8, 2.3 Team B gets Kittle, 1.3, 2019 1st (early/mid)
  11. I don't mind the trade for either side and I like Kupp a lot in the short term. This is more about Evans immense value versus a middling talent in a perfect storm situation and a diminished value RB. Evans is so talented he could succeed in any offense in the NFL with the exception of maybe Buffalo. Most importantly, he was born only 3 days before 2018 1st round pick Hayden Hurst (both 25 y/o). Lol.
  12. 12-team 0.75ppr QRRWWWTF Gave Courtland Sutton and Tyler Boyd Got Julio Jones
  13. Evans, though I'm partial to top 5-ish dynasty WRs and have no desire to buy into the Arizona offense for the foreseeable future.
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