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  1. Yup—and to try to manufacture any potential trade value in him. Frankly—at this point—it’s in both the best interests of Ben and the Sixers to act like things might be getting better. By acting out—he’s reducing his trade value and lessening the likelihood of getting what he wants (to get moved).
  2. I think you should just list your tickets for whatever price you are happy to get for them. If somebody else is able to act as a middle man and make a little coin on the side while getting you your desired price—so be it. Appreciate the hustle.
  3. I apologize in advance if this song has already been mentioned in this thread—but the song Seaside by SEB has quickly become an ear worm for me. Great laid back and chill vibe. One of those songs you can just put on a loop for several listens in a row. In brutal honesty—the video is kinda lame imo. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yRo4oF1JZqo
  4. I dunno. In your original assessment—you put him where you did with your justification being one game with perfect game flow—but you didn’t mention the insane flukey nature of a game where the dude dropped 3 tds. Also—the same perfect game flow rationale was not used in ranking Andrews so high. Brown has having a great year before the perfect game flow game. Andrews was a big disappointment before that—I know because I have both Andrews and Brown on one of my teams. As far as I can see—the only remotely effective running game the Ravens have shown this season was that of Lamars. Freeman looked decent catching balls out of the backfield—but none of their running backs looked good enough to make me believe that they are going to go back to being a team whose offense is primarily through the run. I also don’t think they will want Lamar running the ball 15-20x a game. That’s just too risky. I don’t disagree that Browns production can decline —but even with that—I think ranking him as a wr3 moving forward is still pretty crazy.
  5. Great stuff—but you are waaaay too low on Hollywood brown in my opinion. He also had a very flukey game where he dropped 3 tds. To rank him as a wr3 (in 12 team leagues) the rest of the way is borderline laughable imo.
  6. He’s played 20 games with the Cardinals and Kyler Murray. He has 185 targets in those 20 games. That’s over 9 targets a game. If we want to only look at his last 4 games and not take into account basically the rest of his career—and make expectations based on that—then you are correct—he hasn’t been a target monster.
  7. Half point ppr flex spot. Pick 1 AJ green Damien Harris Zach Moss—word is that there will be moderate to heavy rain throughout the game.
  8. Put me in the minority—-but there is like two occasions when Deandre Hopkins should be benched—when he’s on bye week or when he’s injured. The Cardinals average something like 35 points a game and he’s a target monster. I’m not sure how you could ever bench him if he’s healthy
  9. No. I have more important things to be bothered about. The man is guilty of bad humor—which we’ve all been guilty of in our lifetimes. With that said—I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s forced to make an apology or if there is a wave of people pushing to cancel him.
  10. I appreciate this post. I think I’m basically the prime example of what you describe. I have no choice but to start Mahomes. However—I do have a choice between starting AJ Green, Damien Harris and Zach Moss in one of my flex spots—which definitely falls in your “ancillary” pieces. I’ll probably go with Harris
  11. Going with the Raiders defense against the Bears. Didn’t like any of the other options available in my league. My confidence level is really low. Even with a potentially favorable matchup—it doesn’t feel good to be betting on the Raiders defense. Uggh.
  12. Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground silly monkeys give them thumbs, they make a club to beat their brother down how they’ve survived so misguided is a mystery repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.
  13. He wouldn’t necessarily even need a Singletary injury for that to happen. Look at the Bills upcoming schedule after the Chiefs game this week. Titans, dolphins, Jaguars, Jets, Colts. The Bills should be winning a lot of these games—and if they are winning—they will want to utilize the run game to run down the clock. I think their schedule dictates that there will be a significant amount of games where they will want to feature the run.
  14. Fair points—but look at the trajectory of this season. He missed game 1. Game 2–8 carries and 2 targets, game 3-13 carries and 3 targets, game 4–14 carries and a target. Just seems to me that he’s a guy who is starting to get more touches than what his career averages indicate. We’ll have to wait and see—but I might have to make a trade offer on him in my league if he can be had for relatively cheap. I think he’s a good bet to finish as a top 15-20 fantasy rb rest of season if he can stay healthy
  15. I love the thought and effort going into making these lists. I very much appreciate it. A few things that I disagree with—but I also understand that everybody has different opinions. Swift is too high in my opinion. On a team that probably won’t provide too many scoring opportunities—and he also happens to have a talented back in Jamal Williams playing behind him. Let’s not forget that Williams is also capable of catching passes. Zach Moss is criminally low in my opinion. High power offense with lots of scoring opportunities. While he does have a talented back in Singletary to share opportunities with—they are completely different backs with completely different styles. Much of the value of running backs in fantasy is td dependent and I trust Moss to get more td’s than Singletary. In regards to qbs—Mahomes should be number 1 imo. I have Mahomes in my redraft league—and I would not consider trading him away for the guys you have ahead of him—especially Lam Jack (who I’m a huge fan of). While I like Josh Allen a lot—do you think that he’ll be playing meaningful football the last 2-3 weeks of the season when it could be the fantasy playoffs/finals? Look at the Bills division.
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