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  1. My wife has to start over somewhere else, the kids that she serviced will suffer, the teachers and assistants will suffer, ... and the rest of the kids in the classroom when the troubled ones act up and no one is there to correct it ... not because we took a vacation ... but because we took a vacation during covid. Regardless of the fact we were returning with negative test results. While i am sorry that she lost her job-I cannot help but believe that it was deserved. First of all--i don't think the superiors are unreasonable for the very reason that they approved this trip every other y
  2. Apparently it's not very obvious. I've said very similar quotes months ago about the fact that even if LL is a good drug--that the management's lack of professionalism will cap the upside of the company. Bad management can absolutely derail a good product--whereas good management can actually make a viable business out of a bad product. Lots of people have held onto this stock for too long even though "the obvious" stuff that i just mentioned has been "obvious' for a while. Even if good news were to come out regarding the drug--I'm relatively confident that Nader would find a way to someho
  3. I admire the loyalty of many of you in this thread. I got out of the stock a while ago and made a little profit--but I could not handle the lack of transparency or the lack of professionalism by the companies management or leadership. We literally have had potentially the worlds biggest medical situation for a century--and a medical company was literally completely unable to capitalize on it in any meaningful way. Like I said before--I'm rooting for the stock and im rooting for you guys--but I wish some of you guys would have sold earlier and just left the door open to get back into the st
  4. I don't want to get sucked into this Simmons discussion--but as a person that played basketball for over 20 years--you can't just look as percentages to make statements like this. If you are inferring that he's a better "shooter" due to percentages-- that is an incomplete analysis. One's willingness to take a shot from different areas of the court has a lot do with their percentages. Giannis might not be a great 3pt shooter--but the fact that he's willing to take them does force the defense to play him a little more honestly. So effectively Giannis does sacrifice some of his FG% for the sak
  5. I understand your point about the all star team not being about Sabonis being against thos guys in regards to the format of the voting--but that format is bogus. In all star games--very rarely do they use traditional lineups--and a guy like Sabonis could very well be used the same way that guys like Brown or Tatum or used in an all star event. I completely disagree with you about the importance of Smart to the Celtics having the same importance to that of a healthy Levert/Oladipo to the Pacers. The Pacers would be a complete team with a healthy Levert/Oladipo. You add a player that is a pla
  6. When the all stars were announced and for much of the season the Pacers were the 4th ranked team in the East --so I stand by the Sabonis argument big time. People are saying the Celts lost Marcus Smart--but how about the Pacers trading Oladipo away for Levert only to find that he had a mass on his kidney? That was a bigger loss than Smart by every metric. We can agree to disagree--but what Sabonis has done so far this year with the Indiana team is far more impressive than what either Brown or Tatum have done with the Celtics.
  7. I agree with number 1, semi-agree with number 2--I don't think he's top 5--but I do think he's in that top 6-8 range, for the most part agree with number 3--he is an all star--and I won't fight too hard against the Middleton argument. I think Middleton is also great--but I do think that the in this case--the rest of the teams roster will dictate whether a guy like Simmons or Middleton is "better" for that particular system. Do not agree with number 4 at all. Having 2 all stars from a losing team is ridiculous when the best player on a winning team (Sabonis) is left out. Having the s
  8. Hard to say--but I will say this. If Denver played in the East--they would be a top 3 seed. With that said--I don't want to come across as saying that Embiid should not be in the conversation. Dude absolutely is beasting this season and deserves to be one of the top candidates. My only point was that looking at only the stats is arguably ignoring the huge differences in the strength of each conference.
  9. Are you going to ignore the Conference they play in? The 4th place team in the Eastern Conference is 1 game over 0.500. The 9th place team in the west is at 0.500. The team to beat in the East (the Nets) have had very few games with their guys healthy. In brutal honesty---Phili was by default going to be a dominant team in the East under the circumstances. What Lebron is doing at his age is exceptional. What Embiid is doing this season is how he should have been playing every season. Love the dude--but in ths past--he was either out of shape or he made things way to easy on defenders b
  10. For every dollar that Draymond and every other NBA player makes--there is an owner making a lot more. Why don't you use the same justifications for investment bankers? These players generate a lot more money than they earn and are the best in the world at what they do. The same person paying Draymond is also paying Steph, klay, Wiggins and the rest of the team. It's funny how you expect the people who are actually providing the entertainment to be the ones who sacrifice their salaries to make tickets more affordable. How come the notion that the owners actually dip into their exponentiall
  11. The Andre/Blake situations are not parallel. Blake has asked for a trade or for a buyout and the Pistons are trying to accommodate him. Andre did not ask to be traded. Cleveland announced to the world/league that Jarrett Allen is their starting center and that Andre would be benched until they found a trade partner. Harden basically did the same thing as a player--did not show up to camp and did not play until he got traded and he got crucified. The Cavs are basically forcing Andre to do the same thing that Harden did--but their reputations are not getting questioned at all--while Harden w
  12. I collect sportscards and watches. Hard to name true favorites. In watches--my go to right now is an IWC rose gold Portuguese chronograph. In my sportscards--I have 6 topps Lebron rookies (5 are at PSA right now). I also have a sealed case (2 briefcases) of 2018-2019 flawless basketball.
  13. Bravo to Draymond Green for his comments in the post game interview. I might not always agree with the dude--but I 100% respect his brutal honesty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvJ1MX4m1CI
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBSfIckPV44 She goes through some of the percentages in there. Studies in Spain show that their percentage of vitamin D deficiency relative to more severe cases of covid is 80%+. Even our own CDC has finally put vitamin D on their website in regards to covid. They do mention exactly what I mentioned--while it hasn't been proven that vitamin d prevents or treats covid---but it hasn't been unproven yet--and studies are being done. https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/adjunctive-therapy/vitamin-d/
  15. When you say front court players in the context you are including Steven Adams--the inference is bigger and more imposing types of players. Brandon Ingram is a long and linky player that offensively plays like a bigger 2 than he does a quintessential front court player. Even if you want to lump him in as a true front court player---what is their depth? They have a starting SF, a starting PF in Zion, and Adams. The depth behind those guys is a huge question mark. Nickeil is not a question mark--he's uber talented and given consistent playing time and development--he will be a solid player
  16. Pelicans set in their front court? Aside from Zion and Adams--they have literally no depth. I do like Jaxson Hayes--but he's very young and raw and has a bad habit of getting into foul trouble. The Pelicans are set in their backcourt if anything. They have an over abundance of guards--bledsoe, ball, Nickeil, Kira lewis. They could use front court depth or a wing defender as the closest thing they have to that is Josh Hart.
  17. No idea--but the causation/correlation between covid and vitamin D goes past just age/elderly. The vitamin D deficiency for people hospitalized from covid is something like 94-96%. While many of the people that are hospitalized with covid are elderly--they don't represent 95% of the hospitalized. I'm not encouraging people to blindly take vitamin D--everybody needs to be responsible for their own health and get tested to know their levels. All I'm saying that the notion that it "hasn't been proved" is incomplete. It hasn't been proved or disproved because it hasn't been fully tested or s
  18. The lack of evidence thing about it is also misleading. The reason there is a lack of evidence is because they haven't had the time to test the full effects of vitamin D versus covid in a truly isolated fashion yet. So while some can say "its not proven"--one can easily say "it's not unproven", and something that has been proven is that the vast majority of people that have been hospitalized with severe covid or have passed from covid in a hospital are vitamin D deficient.
  19. I like The Weeknd--but this show is really hard to watch. Just seems very scattered and his mic volume does not seem to match the volume of the rest of the music.
  20. I thought you had sold your exposure to Google (alphabet) and went into Boeing or am I mis-remembering?
  21. Covid has been known to cause neurological issues in something like 1 out of every 7-10 people it gets. Some people complain of fogginess, some people complain about twitches and such. Its a weird virus in that it hits different people in so many different ways. One of my clients is an ER nurse and works the covid unit daily in Southern Cali. She's been working ER for close to 10 years. Two weeks ago she told me that 2-3 of the covid patients she was treating had literally the worst diarrhea and stomach related stuff that she'd seen in several years. That surprised me a I never really
  22. Turned on the Nets/Bucks game and for a second I thought my tv was on black and white mode. Not a big fan of the light grey color of the court.
  23. Eff it. I know it's lame to give oneself props--but I'm going to do it. Kid got his first start today and completely balled out. He had a huge game against a team with very solid defenders and made it look easy. Really made it look effortless like his cousin Shai Gilgeous Alexander. In regards to this trade today--I love it for Indiana. I'm a huge Pacers fan and as much as I like Oladipo--Levert is low key borderline all star talent imo. If the Pacers can somehow get him, Brogdon, Sabonis, Turner, and TJ warren (when he gets back) to gel--I think they could give a lot of teams some
  24. Maynard James Keenan--even if you don't like his music--you have to respect the range of his creativity. Three completely different projects with three completely different sounds--Tool, Pusicer, and A Perfect Circle. Also was a big part in resurrecting the Arizona wine scene when he started Caduceus (Merkin Vineyards). He's not just stamping his name on wine that others are making. Dude is legit doing the dirty work.
  25. Damn. RIP. My deepest condolences to all of his friends and family. I know we're not really supposed to question life but sometimes it's hard when it feels so unfair.
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