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  1. Is the in-season redraft trade thread gone? I couldn’t find it searching.
  2. I feel like that’s steep for Mike Evans, as D/ST value always scares me in dynasty.
  3. That team is me. Had Cam/Dalton at QB, and Zeke, Dalvin, Singletary, Latavius Murray (and Gurley) at RB, and Hopkins/Tyreek/DJ Moore/John Brown (and Alshon) at WR
  4. Anyone mind giving their thoughts on this? It would be greatly appreciated
  5. Team A: Dak Prescott Benny Snell Jr. Team B: Todd Gurley Alshon Jeffrey
  6. Worth picking up over Ben Watson or Jacob Hollister? Only the latter?
  7. I'm calling him Luigi from now on...the green, an L on the cap...it's perfect. Luigi
  8. Are we anticipating the imminent return of Gates? What was the story regarding him being currently a FA? Did they just not sign him?
  9. I know Swift is ranked ahead of him on all of the preliminary boards, but I think Etienne’s consistant body of work speaks for itself. How do people feel about him as a prospect? Not much of a pass catcher? (He’s sitting at 12/205 - 3Td at the start of the 3rd quarter against GTech)
  10. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am staying far away from this Titans offense. The talent is there, but they just look like a mess.
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