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  1. Any camp updates after making the roster/Jones getting cut?
  2. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=34334723&inviteId=96c63e31-d70d-4e74-b75b-ccb41f767e9b Any active owners welcome!
  3. Updated the date in the thread. I don’t think this is wise of him, but who knows.
  4. Is the in-season redraft trade thread gone? I couldn’t find it searching.
  5. I feel like that’s steep for Mike Evans, as D/ST value always scares me in dynasty.
  6. Always take a shot (if you have the space) on a rookie QB projected to start...especially a mobile one. Potential outweighs the “waste” of bench spot.
  7. Anyone making a speculative add this week with a rookie qb making his first start?
  8. Ride into the endless sunset, my sweet Unicorn...
  9. Well then the idea of this thread just doesn't work. The argument collapses on itself if you can just say "why not try trading?" to everybody.
  10. I feel like Adams is a pretty big name to be on a list like this...I think this is a good thread in regards to names like Joe Mixon (because you aren't getting much for him in a trade), Adrian Peterson, Damien Williams, Mike Williams, Alshon Jeffrey, Calvin Ridley, etc
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