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  1. Interesting and noted. Just trying to get you fired up for the important game later tonight. Sorry, just messin with ya.I just turned the game on, so wtf happened? Stoops on the hot seat after this season and today?
  2. PM me the address of the house,i work for BAC and can get you what is owed on the short sale....May take me a day or two. SB

  3. So I just rented Batman: Arkum Asylum and going to check that out tonight. Wanted to pick up Infamous, but it was out Also, Dirt 2 looks like a lot of fun. I've been out of the scene for a few months and even though I'm trying to put in 100,000 hands (poker) a month, it still leaves a bit of time to unwind etc., so whatcha got? Gamertag List: PS3 driftinj (drifter) AndyLovesHisBge (newlyretired) Silverbacks (Silverbacks) EAbell (belljr) GenSplatton (TxBuckeye) SirFelixCat (fasteddie_21) 360 AhrnCityPahnder…Inspekkta D (HAlo2&3&ODST, Borderlands, Left4Dead & Left4Dead2, CoD MW2) A
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