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  1. They probably match-up well vs. DAL, their secondary is trash but I doubt Prescott can really exploit it. They're better at stopping the run and Zeke is dinged up. Plus DAL has been bad on the road and Watt has looks almost all the way back.
  2. Yeah, I mean I preemptively picked up GB in a majority of my leagues last week. I see that they're -10 at home, I don't think I would ever shy away from something like that. It sucks that they lost Wilkerson though.
  3. I've preemptively grabbed GB in almost every league I'm in. Have to keep following around BUF.
  4. With Freeman injuring his right knee (the same knee that he sprained last year) in last night's game I figured it was worth creating a thread on ATL's 3rd string rookie RB Ito Smith. He was taken in the 4th round of this year's draft. scouting report playerprofiler preseason week 2 (although you have to scour it for his touches) It doesn't seem like ATL will be resigning Coleman next year and as more of a COP back I believe Smith is Coleman's heir apparent. However, if Freeman were to miss time I think Smith would see some work, plus Coleman has checkered injury history as
  5. So do we just pick on the rookies in week 1? BAL gets Allen at home and DET get Darnold at home.
  6. In 119 starts, Stafford has been accompanied by a RB who has rushed for 100+ yards 7 times. In 6% of his starts, the team didn't have to almost solely rely on Stafford to the move the ball. They need to stop running Abdullah entirely. Zenner isn't good but at least he can fall forward and not lose yards on 50% of his carries. And I honestly don't place 100% of the blame on Abdullah. I don't think he's great but he has absolutely no chance behind that line. DET ranks dead last in adjusted line yard (2.93). Somehow, CIN's joke of a OL is actually getting more push. This organizati
  7. Man I miss the FFA. What a place. He was legitimately my WR6 and I cut him. I guess that's the cutoff.
  8. With Juju in concussion protocol I'm not sure if they can sit him. I mean they could and line up DHB/Hunter on the outside I suppose.
  9. I don't know, I do understand they're having RZ issues. You would think that with Bryant's role being reduced it would pave the way for someone else but Juju's snaps have been trending down since week 5 and he too has only been utilized very sparingly in that time span. James remains on the field but hasn't been targeted for two weeks. McDonald is getting more involved but he's coming along very slowly. I'm not saying PIT doesn't have culpability but ultimately I don't know if it helps to try and accurately diagnose why Bryant isn't producing. I just know he isn't and likely won't for at
  10. I agree but that person doesn't necessarily have to be Bryant. It could be Juju whose selling point is his ability to make tough catches or one of the TEs. Haven't we also watched Bryant fumble multiple screens this year? I feel like he has the yips. He's flashed and has a lot of theoretical upside but so do a lot of players. He hasn't consistently produced and therefore shouldn't be afforded the benefit of the doubt if the team doesn't feel the need to utilize him. And yes, I hold his suspension against him. I don't give a #### if someone smokes weed - I smoke weed, but my livelihood
  11. PIT doesn't have to target Bryant when on the field, they can use him strictly as a decoy to keep defenses honest. Now, I'm sure defenses would eventually catch on but I don't really think it's fair to question PIT's usage of him. They're winning right now and that's all that matters. Sure, Bryant is talented but he hasn't actually proven anything.
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