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  1. ATL just likes using Ito in the RZ and he continues to convert.
  2. I also bypass the roster limit on Yahoo when I add someone to IR that is eventually not eligible. You're not allowed to make any moves for as long as you have someone on IR that isn't eligible but you effectively bypass the roster limit. Do people have a problem with that too? I'll exploit anything as long as it's within the rules, I like eking out percentages.
  3. Brate historically hasn't done #### vs. ATL. And ATL hasn't been a plus match-up for TEs this year. I'm not feeling it.
  4. Every team has the option to do this, no one has an unfair advantage. Oh yeah, you shouldn't be able to grab a player after their week's game has started.
  5. You can do it in FFPC leagues. I dropped Gallman for IND DST yesterday. I'm also in Yahoo leagues and I often roster a handcuff RB who plays on TNF in case the starter goes down. I see nothing wrong with it, I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it to be honest.
  6. You just can't trust Boswell regardless right now. He 100% has the yips.
  7. Was just about to come here and post "CODY PARKEY REVENGE GAME". But yeah, I like him this week.
  8. His usage has been kind of baffling up to this point but keep an eye on him moving forward. Higgins is dealing with a knee injury and Willies who flashed last week fractured his collarbone in practice. Hue, although unreliable has talked about getting Duke more involved in the passing game and CLE truly may have no other choice now. And the truth is he was the best pass catching back that I watched last year. Week in and week out I watched him make unbelievable catches, it's completely dumbfounding that CLE hasn't found a way to get him involved.
  9. I think there's room for more growth here. If, hypothetically, Freeman never gets right and ATL's season is lost I could see the split narrow from 2:1 in favor of Coleman to a 50/50 split. I could easily see Ito being utilized 12-15 times a game.
  10. I don't think that PHI is going to trade for anyone. But Sproles will come back at some point. I don't think Smallwood will see the kind of work he saw last night again this year sans an injury to Clement. I think he'll settle back into ~30% of the snaps and ~10 touches a game.
  11. These tide adds are actually ####### with me.
  12. I don't even know what this really means. Is he definitely not close to 100%? Because every PHI RB has been on a pitch count for two seasons now.
  13. He's smallish and has never shied away from contact. He's been taking a beating between the tackles for years and it might have just caught up to him.
  14. It's more likely that the people who doubted CMC didn't draft him and thus have no real reason to visit this thread.
  15. I think Juice may actually be startable in deep PPR leagues.
  16. Ingram getting back on top of his fumble is one of the most impressive things I've seen this week.
  17. He reminds me of Chris Johnson but worse.
  18. We don't know what it looks like when it is Clement, Smallwood and Sproles who are splitting reps. Seeing as how Sproles hasn't even been able to turn in a practice since week 1 and I think it's fair to question whether or not he's just done. But it's obviously more likely that he comes back at some point and muddies the waters for at least some amount of time. Smallwood will likely be ranked as a RB2 for this week, it depends on whether or not Clement/Sproles actually practice tomorrow. But it's important to remember that Clement initially played through the quad injury and that it was serious despite the fact that essentially everyone tried to downplay it. Who knows how he would have performed in that game if he was healthy. And it's pretty crazy that despite the injury he was still utilized 20 times. In the short-term I'd bet on Smallwood. In the long-term I'd bet on Clement.
  19. Snaps.. Duke 46% > 37% > 38% > 35% > 51% Hyde 53% > 58% > 58% > 61% > 35% Chubb 4% > 5% > 6% > 4% > 14% Utilization remained largely unchanged.
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