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  1. They probably match-up well vs. DAL, their secondary is trash but I doubt Prescott can really exploit it. They're better at stopping the run and Zeke is dinged up. Plus DAL has been bad on the road and Watt has looks almost all the way back.
  2. Yeah, I mean I preemptively picked up GB in a majority of my leagues last week. I see that they're -10 at home, I don't think I would ever shy away from something like that. It sucks that they lost Wilkerson though.
  3. Probably worse, I think he's droppable. IMO if Ross can't produce given his current situation I don't think he'll produce any time soon. His snaps have decreased for three straight weeks, I was surprised to see him play on a season low 48% of the snaps despite the Green injury. He did see a season high 15% of Dalton's attempts but he once again struggled (3/16/0 on 7 targets). Assuming Green's injury isn't serious, he looks like he's 5th in the pecking order.
  4. I've preemptively grabbed GB in almost every league I'm in. Have to keep following around BUF.
  5. 3-4-MIA 45 (12:14) New QB - #7 B.Gabbert (Shotgun) B.Gabbert pass incomplete short right to D.Walker 1-10-TEN 25 (4:05) QB - #7 B.Gabbert D.Lewis left tackle to TEN 33 for 8 yards (C.Wake, A.Spence) 1-10-TEN 25 (4:05) QB - #7 B.Gabbert D.Lewis left tackle to TEN 33 for 8 yards (C.Wake, A.Spence) 1-10-MIA 20 (:30) B.Gabbert pass incomplete short left to T.Sharpe (B.McCain) 3-9-MIA 19 (15:00) (Shotgun) B.Gabbert pass short middle to C.Davis to MIA 4 for 15 yards (R.Jones). 1-10-TEN 25 (14:04) B.Gabbert pass incomplete short middle to C.Davis. 2-10-TEN 25 (14:01) (Sh
  6. Gabbert essentially only targeted Walker, Lewis and Davis in that order when he played last week. Still, this could get so ugly that I'm still staying away.
  7. Mariota is going to "try to play" and Gabbert is supposed to rotate in. This makes me want to sit Davis despite not having all that great of options. This is pretty annoying.
  8. Okay Mariota, how about you sit this one out. I don't want to have to worry that my WR's QB is unable to feel the fingers in the hand that he uses to grip and throw the ball. And I'm not even sure if Gabbert is functionally worse for Davis than Mariota is even when he can feel his hands. What a #### show.
  9. There's more to WR/CB match-ups than just speed but IND doesn't have a starting CB who ran their 40 in under 4.5 seconds. The match-up is just generally soft since IND might have the worst secondary in the league. I want to start Ross but that'd mean I'd be sitting players whose situation I'm more comfortable with.
  10. To be fair there are only like 5 receivers in the NFL who possess Tate's yac ability but I still agree. Agholor's average depth of target was 5.3 yards on Thursday, that's like Benjamin Watson territory. PHI's vertical game has to be more than Wallace running fly routes because Wallace isn't scaring anyone.
  11. I went into it with low expectations and came away impressed. Considering the fact that he missed training camp, OTAs and 5 reg season games I thought he looked good. There's obvious room for growth at least. I also think that abomination of a game vs. PIT is still kind of a fresh in everyone's mind. PFF seems to think it will be Howard. Davis lined up on the left 50% of the time last year and Howard lined up on the right 82% of the time. But isn't Davis supposed to move around a bit more these year regardless? I also don't know if Howard will shadow more this year.
  12. Davis was someone I had to draft somewhere after watching his tape. And it was simply because he's physically dominant. There were so many plays last year where opposing DBs could not tackle him alone. He would turn into a RB after the catch, dragging DBs and picking up yards through contact. I didn't watch him in college, I didn't know what his game looked like but I would find myself manically laughing as I watched several DBs fail to stop his momentum last year. This is my favorite of those plays from last year. The penalty in that clip is defensive holding. There's questions
  13. With Freeman injuring his right knee (the same knee that he sprained last year) in last night's game I figured it was worth creating a thread on ATL's 3rd string rookie RB Ito Smith. He was taken in the 4th round of this year's draft. scouting report playerprofiler preseason week 2 (although you have to scour it for his touches) It doesn't seem like ATL will be resigning Coleman next year and as more of a COP back I believe Smith is Coleman's heir apparent. However, if Freeman were to miss time I think Smith would see some work, plus Coleman has checkered injury history as
  14. Howard is one of my favorite RBs, I have a signed jersey of his framed and hanging on my wall and I rarely fanboy anything. I try not to let bias get in the way of my drafting but the Mack signing sure as #### bumped him up my board and I was pretty excited to land him in the 3rd tonight. Mack is obviously a difference maker and an upgrade to that extent should lead to better average starting field position, more RZ trips, better game scripts and etc. CHI has been near or at the literal bottom of the league in those categories over the past two years and Howard still somehow average
  15. I honestly thought that was Buck Allen's combine and scouting report.
  16. This is a reasonable way to divvy out carries although the most important to me at least is the bolded because it's the difference between Williams being on my radar or not. Since 2014 GB RBs have consistently averaged an ~16% market share. Rodger's averages ~550 pass attempts annually although I can't say for certain that he won't average more this year but 550 looks to be a rather conservative number. If my assumptions are correct that would leave only about 5-6 targets a game for RBs. If the targets were as voluminous for RBs are you're projecting they would command ~30% share which I do no
  17. We're just so accustomed to DT garnering a larger share than Sanders that a lot of people likely just default to that when doing projections. And although it's Sanders' chemistry with Keenum that has moved him up my rankings, it's also the fact that I think some of what Sutton does overlaps with what DT does and that has subsequently moved DT down my rankings. DT has lead the team in RZ targets for years and has not been efficient in the slightest. Some of that is obviously on the QBs he's had to work with but they also didn't have a guy like Sutton during that time span either. I'm still not
  18. So do we just pick on the rookies in week 1? BAL gets Allen at home and DET get Darnold at home.
  19. CHI is one of the few teams who I fast forward through when I'm watching condensed film. I'd rather stab my eyes out with a fork.
  20. In 119 starts, Stafford has been accompanied by a RB who has rushed for 100+ yards 7 times. In 6% of his starts, the team didn't have to almost solely rely on Stafford to the move the ball. They need to stop running Abdullah entirely. Zenner isn't good but at least he can fall forward and not lose yards on 50% of his carries. And I honestly don't place 100% of the blame on Abdullah. I don't think he's great but he has absolutely no chance behind that line. DET ranks dead last in adjusted line yard (2.93). Somehow, CIN's joke of a OL is actually getting more push. This organizati
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