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  1. I'm actually the owner of Hill/Brees. I have Brees/Rivers/Rodgers as my QBs and I'm strong at WR with Hill/Adams/Golladay/McLauren/AJBrown/Deebo/Tate/Funchess (&AB) start 2rb/3wr/2flex & 1SF Both teams look like solid contenders
  2. In a Superflex dynasty league would u trade: Deshaun Watson & AJ Dillon for Tyreek Hill & Drew Brees?
  3. Sorry, I respond to the post sooner. I like the league idea. I only like free leagues with people I know. Bragging Rights leagues are no fun if you don't know the people, imo. Good luck & #longliveFF!
  4. What's. Wrong with these picks? This is a pretty str8 forward draft. Sure, a couple steals in the 3rd but unless this is a 2 qb league, nothing seems off
  5. Is this a free league? (Besides the site fee) & What draft picks does that team have?
  6. $30 deposit refundable? Can u explain more about that? If I'm paying for 2021; I have rights to trade away 2021 picks, correct? $30 is if I trade any 2022 picks, right?
  7. 1. Taylor - I think I'm giving the edge to him in my league. My league is 1/2 ppr & +3 pts for going over 100 yards rushing. I worry about his usuage limiting his career and that is why I have struggled with him or... 2. C-E-H - looks the part & w KC, nuff 3. Dobbins - Might be a year away from a prime roll, I bet he is rb#2 on depth chart when u can use him for fantasy playoffs this year, and then he is C-E-H level good 4. Swift - #1 because of draft pedigree #2 how many times have you seen analyst down on QB/WR/TE from Det because Patricia's run centric philosophy? #3
  8. You are too smart to post this man. Why are you trying to pitch that garbage trade. If you want Mahomes in a SF league, MT is a strong starting point but you need to bring more, maybe DJ is enough (debatable) but now u want 2 1sts & a 2nd for Julio? That's the part that killed your trade. IF the owner is willing to even sell Mahomes in a league like yours, then he needs top dollar for his QB. Then, instead of offering a replacement QB u ask for his options to replace a QB in the draft. You really overvalue your players while undervaluing his. It's just as frustrating, if not more, seeing t
  9. Every year a guy comes out of nowhere and suprised the league. He could be that guy. Of course, he could also be fool's gold.
  10. If like to check out by laws but Ill give it a go DaveRohrer@outlook.com
  11. Toilet bowl decides the 1.1? How does the worst scoring team in the league win it? Seems like the bad team have to get lucky to pull out of the cellar while the good teams stay good or rebound fairly quickly.
  12. Thanks. That helps me get a better idea of the value for him. I had initially traded out of this draft class but I have 0 depth and the Hill fiasco has zapped my teams strength. So I traded Kamara for Penny & 1.05 (TJ Hock) & a 2nd
  13. Where would you slot Darwin Thompson. I've looked up and down your thread but do not see any news on him. Only on a couple list. But other people are trying to hype him up. I'm just trying to see if you think he's for realz
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