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  1. Of course I followed the advice of the experts here and blew my remaining waiver money on him this past week.
  2. I have a large monitor. I want outlook to be in one portion of the screen. Word in another, adobe in another. I can do that easily with just organizing the windows, but what I want is all other multiple windows of the same application to populate on top of each other. Standard windows does not do this. Also, Perhaps when my main focus is on word, I want to make that change to a different portion of my screen, so it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut that would arrange the applications on my screen differently and save these orientations.
  3. Anyone use a windows organizer that actually remembers the locations of apps on your desktop and you can create shortcuts that will automatically shift where applications are? I want it so everytime I open another window of the same application it opens in that specific area that I had originally layed out.
  4. 10 team h2h ppr Do i drop any of these for any of these? My players A. Collins, L. Miller, A. Jones. Cohen Ridley, J. Brown, C. Davis, Enunwa, J. Gordon Waiver B. Powell, C. Clement, N. Hines. Smallwood Gabriel, S. Shepard, Goodwin,
  5. Maybe all the liberals were just busy trying to remember the time Kavanaugh flashed his penis at them and didn't have time to go to the movies.
  6. That was no attempt, That was you getting owned.
  7. Yes, he's both sucky and propogandist.
  8. ppr league 10 team would it be worth dropping Marlin Mack or Cohen for?
  9. I have Russell Wilson and Bortles Would you drop Bortles for Fitz and start Fitz over Wilson or would you stay and start Bortles over Wilson?
  10. 10 team ppr, 6 all td's. start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 te, 1rb,wr,teflex, 1 k, QB, Rodgers, plenty of options for backup available. RB, Johnson, Collins, Miller, Hyde, Cohen, Mack WR, J. Gordon, C. Davis, Crowder, R. Anderson, Hurns TE - Gronk K Lutz D Chargers
  11. Does anyone in here play daily fantasy baseball and use a service like fantasypros for rankings and advice? What a waste of money that is. You have better luck throwing darts at a board with players names to draft.
  12. Hmm, you would think this would be a more common occurance in the backwoods then in suburban america if it's about gun loving culture. No regulation other than complete banning of all guns is going to stop these types of shootings from happening. Not going to happen. 1. Parents need to educate themselves and their children on guns 2. Parents need to know what their children are feeling and doing. (Half of this damn country, parents are too busy with their phones, work, or social status among their friends to know what the hell is going on in their kids lives.) 3. People need to quit coddling other people and take mental and disturbed actions seriously before more dangerous events happen.
  13. What do you mean "now a days" There has not been an influx in shootings at schools recently. It's the fact with the internet, everyone hears about them. Where it used to be a local or state news item, it has become a national news item. Yeah, school and mass shootings sucks, but they are not happening any more then they used too, and they are still very rare in the great scheme of things. https://news.northeastern.edu/2018/02/26/schools-are-still-one-of-the-safest-places-for-children-researcher-says/
  14. Oh, my I hope you really don't believe that. I guess you drive a Chevy for a reason.
  15. You will be hating that move as Watson will lay an egg this coming week. I have learned to never play someone that is locked as a #1 starter at their position.
  16. Felt pretty good about my RB's. Ajayi, Hyde and McKinnon and all 3 were blah with not one td. I get Lamar Miller back this week, so add another overhyped RB that will be in the top 10-15 and do squat for me. It's either all or nothing with these guys, and they tend to perform the same each week, making my scoring all or nothing.
  17. shoulder is still not right probably
  18. Obviously this guy sucks as there hasn't been a post in this thread since July. Why is the guy ranked by Trembley as the #12 RB for week 3? He has been horrid and Foreman is taking touches. Is New englands run defense that bad or is he just still overhyped?
  19. Sproles had a similar number of carries in college. The size argument is a little tiresome.
  20. No, it is the fact that California is going to have to support 2 NFL teams that can't support themselves due to revenue. I don't care what the capacity of the LA coliseum is. The Rams and Chargers both will have pitiful game attendances.
  21. Both. If the NFL wants viewers, in or out of a stadium, moving teams to LA was a down right idiotic decision. It was a comical proposition at the beginning and the fact you can't even fill a 30,000 seat stadium with $6 dollar tickets is just one example. Hope the Cali people continue having fun throwing tax money away.
  22. I didn't think how many people actually watch the games was a big deal. They moved two teams to LA.
  23. Wow, you can call from an Apple watch now? How revolutionary.
  24. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/9/6/16258856/epson-hd-laser-projector-ls100-home-cinema
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