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  1. Heat check on CMC? Im in a position in which i should be rebuilding - but also own CMC. wondering what you guys are looking for/accepting in a trade for him. Thinking a 1st round rookie pick, and a starter is the minimum at this point. J’Marr Chase plus a 1st type deals. any thoughts would be helpful. Maybe I’m over valuing CMC - but he’s a clear league winner imo … I just have too many needs to hold at this point.
  2. Good post ... but as a lions “fan”/homer? You keep you’re grubby hands away from Riddick. He needs to come to Detroit and save us from another 50yrs of futility.
  3. Probably because Watson >>> Goff/Bridgewater Still a bit low for Barkley imo. Then again the shelf life of an elite QB is much longer than that of a RB.
  4. Tested positive https://dknation.draftkings.com/2020/11/29/21724927/mark-andrews-covid-19-news-week-12-ravens-vs-steelers-backup-replacement-eric-tomlinson-luke-willson
  5. So you’re proving my point lol ... I’m not a Fitz owner - but so happy I get to start Parker this week.
  6. Excuse my ignorance ... honestly just curious. Does beating cancer qualify as having a “pre existing” condition? I would think him, his team, family, doctors etc would have swayed him from playing in the NFL if there were any side effects, or chance of further complications going forward.
  7. Does Fitz know how to activate cruise control?
  8. Hey there fellas, I could use some thoughts on my lineup this week. .25ppr Need to pick 2 of the following: David Montgomery @ GB DeVante Parker @ NYJ Antonio Brown vs KC Robby Anderson @ MIN Most excited to start Parker and AB this week - Fitzpatrick likely to start, which means Parker should be a target hog in a good matchup. Antonio has been trending up, and this game against the Chiefs should be high scoring. Robby has the targets, and catches ... but not seeing the end zone. Montgomery is meh to begin with, and this game could get out of hand early in Green Bay. Thoughts?
  9. So far, I am rolling with Robby. Not confident in my other option (Parker @ DEN) I just don’t see the Dolphins throwing as much as the Panthers today. Not feeling great about starting Robby without Teddy, but still think he’s got the best chance of a TD.
  10. I think Murray is the safest play. Kamara is just a little banged up, and this looks to be a high scoring game. Add in the new QB situation - I would think they rely on the run a bit mire than they would if Brees were starting. Henderson would be my next choice. Kerryon is just too hard to trust right now, even with Swift being ruled out. Good luck!
  11. I mean ... I agree with all of this. But Parker has had 7 targets in each of this last 2 games. but I agree with bia, and hot sauce - the game this week shouldn’t make for a lot of passing opps for the Phins
  12. So we’re on the same page then ... I drafted Parker as a rookie in my dynasty league - he’s been horrible to own. Talent is obviously there. Fitz getting benched was horrid for Parker, THIS YEAR.
  13. Makes sense now ... keep up the good work. I typically side with your takes.
  14. “Nice try” ??? bia ... don’t take yourself so seriously. Could’ve left it alone with the “not taking a position on Parker”
  15. The question we’re all waiting for though ... are you comfortable starting DeVante this week?
  16. That’s my initial thoughts as well ... but I’d like to think TB just has too many elite targets to really slow the bucs down. Sure, I can see Ramsey blanketing Godwin or Evans ... but Tom is going to throw. Just thinking it could be the Antonio Brown show
  17. Hey dudes, looking for some thoughts on my WR2 & WR3 this week. Need to pick 2 of these 3. .25ppr Robby Anderson vs DET DeVante Parker @ DEN Antonio Brown vs LAR I’ve currently got Robby and Parker in my lineup - but not confident in either of them. I like AB’s usage so far, and that should only stabilize. I also like that the Rams have a good pass defense, and Jalen Ramsey should be covering one of Godwin or Evans. Possibly leaving AB for some quick hits underneath (although Godwin plays a lot in the slot?) any and all thoughts appreciated guys. leave a link and I’ll get you back. thanks! Steve
  18. Except Winstons turnovers led to BIG fantasy numbers. RoJo turnovers only leads to the bench.
  19. RW says Mike Davis has returned to the sidelines
  20. Well, it def started .... but did it get shutdown again, is the question. im I’m the metro Detroit area - no power, super crazy winds. I’d imagine it’s much worse in the Midwest’s armpit
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