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  1. My daughter is finishing her senior year playing soccer at a D3 with a biology major. She was turned off on a couple official visits to D1s and made a decision to play at smaller school. I thought D3 coaches sold their program better than D1s?
  2. Going to have a couple nights in Memphis in a couple weeks. I heard they have bbq?
  3. Taking all of my social studies classes to Scholastic Book Fair today. Not sure if "Magnolia Table" by Joanna Gaines is in the K-8 reading wheelhouse.
  4. Dislike that period of time between when you interview and the final verdict.
  5. Tuesday morning I take 70 8th graders to D.C. for a few days. Long bus ride and I was recently hospitalized. One of the medications makes me ####. Not like when I get home or during prep but RIGHT ####### NOW. Will be an interesting bus ride. Might need to OD on immodium. Oh and I turn around for another overnight field trip next Monday.
  6. I received a text from Thorn today. More than made up for my brackets burning in the fiery flames of trumps soul.
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