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  1. If you say so. The comment in question was you posting And then acting as if you were suspended for nothing. Please do less of that. Thanks.
  2. Sorry to hear you think that. The "I got suspended for nothing" schtick is tiring. Please let's do less of that. Thanks.
  3. The next post by you guys that is off topic and whining about the other person and what theyre doing and we're going to have fewer people here. 100% over the kindergarten stuff. Drop it or find a new board.
  4. One last time. Drop the trolling insults. Keep it 100% on the topic. If you don't think you're trolling or ruining real discussion, then find a new board. We're getting tired of people reporting you.
  5. @Blackbear did you mean to post the laughing emoji on ZWK post? If so, don't do that. Instead describe exactly what you disagree with and have a real discussion. Thanks.
  6. Please everyone be more cool.
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