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  1. When I did my Breaking Bad marathon (62 episodes in 31 days), I also went back and watched every episode that had Gilligan's commentary. He is a genius story-teller.
  2. It doesn't matter which lawyer-politician in a black dress replaces Scalia. The Supreme Court is just there for show, a mere rubber-stamp of the tyranny of the other branches.
  3. I appreciate that. I did look into Sling and saw the Roku offer. My TV viewing had dropped to just a few hours a week anyway. I haven't missed having it. But I didn't want to miss Better Call Saul, so I sought an alternative solution. Chances are I'll go with some combo of Sling and Netflix in the future if I get tired of watching stuff on my laptop.
  4. I'm more excited about tonight than I was for any single NFL game this past season.
  5. After years of talking about it, I finally cut the cord on DirecTV. For Better Call Saul, the NBA playoffs, Masters, US Open, etc., a few friends came through with their info and I am fine watching those things on my laptop.
  6. This pretty much sums up how I feel about the Grammys.
  7. New board made me change my password. Bummer, since ObamaSucks was so easy to remember. Anyway, if you like economics -- especially Keynesian vs. Austrian -- check out Contra Krugman.
  8. This Christmas, I had Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2014 and 2015), Avery Uncle Jacob's Stout, Founders Project Pam, Deschutes Dissident, Duel Goya Imperial Stout and Stone Russian Imperial Stout (2015 Odd-Year Release Chai).
  9. I agree. Even in redraft, it's a long season. Talent usually wins out.
  10. I won my Toilet Bowl this year, giving me the first choice of draft slot next season. There is a 99% chance I will choose the 1.01 and take Antonio. ppr? Yes, it's all I play. But yeah, I should have stated that.
  11. I won my Toilet Bowl this year, giving me the first choice of draft slot next season. There is a 99% chance I will choose the 1.01 and take Antonio.
  12. I'll probably have the #1 pick in my 12-team PPR next year. I will start with Antonio, and I'd have no problem taking Watkins at 24/25 if he's there.
  13. Mike McCarthy, kicking a FG on 4th and 1 at the MIN 10 when he's down 3-0. Monumentally stupid and gutless.
  14. According to ESPN's play by play and the official ruling on the field, both penalties were declined. The yardage should be awarded. There is no reason for a defensive team to decline a penalty and let a play stand that resulted in yards allowed. Agreed...but we're not evaluating how smart it was. We're trying to figure out why the ref verbalized that both were declined but now they are saying one was enforced. Espn play by play still shows both declined. It was a gain of 4 yards net and the half was over. I could easily see a coach getting confused and thinking if they accepted the penalty that there would be another play.Highly unlikely. Anyone who has followed football for more than a week knows a half cannot end on a defensive penalty, but can on an offensive penalty. What seems more likely is the penalty was ultimately accepted but not announced on TV. Highly unlikely? Coaches still do stupid ridiculous stuff all the time. They challenge plays that can't be challenged. They question calls that are no-brainers. Split second decision on an inconsequential play when half is over? Super easy to say declined and go into the locker room without giving it a second thought.That's all well good, except that the play by play and the stats indicate the penalty was accepted.
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