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  1. Brate getting looks doesn't help matters either
  2. Was just offered Kelce for Fournette 10 team ppr My RB depth is Cook, Kamara, Fournette C Thompson, Darrell Williams. I have OJ Howard as my TE and Herndon waiting. MY WRs are pretty stacked as well so I think I would rather have the RB depth (start 2 with 1 flex) I'm hanging tight His RB's are pretty week so hes looking for someone
  3. Got to disagree with you there, sacks have a lot to do with QB play. Winston has been pretty erratic in the past under pressure. Like I said I am starting him just wouldn't be surprised to see a bad game just as I wouldn't be surprised if I saw 300 yrds and 3 Tds
  4. In my ESPN league they are the #7 overall D while going up against the Texans, Rams, Seattle and Dallas ( not exactly and easy schedule) Plus being home in the dome. Lattimore hasn't looked great but did turn the corner last week. Don't get me wrong I'm starting Winston, I just wouldn't surprised to see a dud game. Would rather see Brees out there and hope for a shootout instead of Bridgewater and a vanilla offense
  5. NO's offense isn't rolling like they do under Brees but I will say that the NO defense has vastly improved and scares me a little this week. I am committed to Winston this week already though as Goff already played. Rock and Roll
  6. He is extremely talented but you cant show off that talent on the sidelines. I was hoping for big things this year from him in redraft, now I'm just wishing he has a big game or two and I can unload him.
  7. I scooped him up. He was a solid kicker and I like grabbing pieces of an offense that scores. Dropped Fairbarin
  8. Hard to trust a back in this offense but this is the right direction you want to see as an RJ owner. I need him to pan out as my RB depth is pretty thin. Haven't even watched a Bucs game this year but it looks like the last few weeks he has had some long runs called back due to holding calls.
  9. Talk you down? Look at the AB fiasco.......He very well could get suspended. Look at Julian Edelman and his injury history.....guy gets beaten up across the middle on his short routes.
  10. As a JG owner not really happy with the AB signing. I thought Gordon was primed for a solid year, that being said with AB's diva problems and Edelman's injury history I think theres still a good chance Gordon gets his. Then again Gordon could go out and buy and oz and say screw the NFL and NE
  11. Can we let this thread die until after Wednesday WW? 😎
  12. If any offense can support an average RB in the league its this offense. That being said I think with Reids history with Shady he has a pretty solid chance to lead this team with touches and be a solid weekly RB2. Williams doesn't overly impress me with game breaking skill but he doesn't need to in this type of offense. The lanes are bigger and the field is more spread out. At the end of the day the McCoy pickup is not good for Williams or any other KC RB's for that matter.
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