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  1. I’m a process guy but praying we’re at bottom of NFC-E but Hurts shows enough to be a #1. Get another high pic next year and hopefully open a window in next 2-3 years. Or we suck and take a QB next year. Worst case is we’re in that 6-10 to 8-8 range and Hurts shows he’s a very average QB
  2. A borderline first round talent at 20 isn’t good value. Won’t matter much if he hits but not like a top 10 talent falling to them.
  3. At least we didn’t draft Toney at 20. Although watch him be the best WR in the class
  4. I agree. But this roster is in shambles as well. We can rebuild this roster and either QB is there now or we hopefully get him in the next year or two.
  5. What’s the point? Unless you are that sold on Mills? Just create more controversy. They ain’t winning the super bowl next year. Give hurts a fair shake. If he sucks, we are either drafting top 5 or trading the house for a QB. Why I wouldn’t mind stockpiling firsts next year.
  6. But it’s not like we’re a Smith away from winning. I mean, he better be good. But they just need solid pieces across the board. 3 (4) 1st rounders would have been huge. Lot of draft capital to trade up next year.
  7. This is the only thing that makes sense. I'm not sure how you run this back and expect things to get better? Especially if Howie doesn't lose personnel decisions? What is the excuse for this year? All on Schwartz? I personally would have went for a QB minded HC to see if they can resuscitate Wentz's career while doing the rebuild. I suppose if Howie can get out of cap hell, he can keep his job and continue negotiating the food contracts.
  8. I feel like we may miss Schwartz more than most people think. The below probably sums up my thoughts. Frustrating b/c it always seemed like anytime the offense got going, defense couldn't get stops but they kept us in a ton of games. @SheilKapadia Eagles defense ranked 8th in EPA/play during Jim Schwartz's 5-year run. Stubborn and frustrating at times, overall he did an excellent job. Two top-5 DVOA finishes, never lower than 17th. Schwartz set a floor of mediocrity and was able to do more with less. Mediocre defense+great offense is a formula for success in the NFL in 2020. Eagles have spent two top-50 picks on defense in last five years. Ranked 30th in money allocated to defense in 2020.
  9. Didn't see anyone mention it but Buffett bought into our, and by that I mean @fantasycurse42's, favorite gold play, Barrick Gold. Nice little 8% pop AH. It has seemingly lagged my pure gold plays and I'm sure Warren can't move the entire gold market but nice to have that tailwind behind us on it. Also divested a decent chunk of bank stocks.
  10. And stock goes up. Because you know, they just created shareholder value. Not sure how important stock splits are when you can own fractional shares. But a nice 6% bump.
  11. I mean at one person on twitter said, we have one down day and everyone asks what happened? We’re in a euphoric mood that a spike isn’t questioned but a sell-off is. That said, I’m sure the Biden VP leaked and likely caused a bit of it. Kamala is both competent and not a fan of Wall Street. Better than Warren but Biden’s odds are likely higher which is bad for markets.
  12. Don’t worry. Sports betting stocks are actually up today. No college football must make more time for people to bet on the NFL.
  13. It’s not even that it’s fake. It’s that it’s about to enter phase 3 testing where multiple other vaccines already are. I guess Putin’s daughter getting it gives people additional hope?
  14. They’re not using Sears. They’re using the space previously occupied by Sears. Better news for SPG although I doubt AMZN is giving them a sweetheart deal. Of course Sears being bankrupt, only takes a few pennies to move the needle. It may make some of their leases attractive but I doubt it. But Hoodies seem to think they understand bankruptcy
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