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  1. This is the only thing that makes sense. I'm not sure how you run this back and expect things to get better? Especially if Howie doesn't lose personnel decisions? What is the excuse for this year? All on Schwartz? I personally would have went for a QB minded HC to see if they can resuscitate Wentz's career while doing the rebuild. I suppose if Howie can get out of cap hell, he can keep his job and continue negotiating the food contracts.
  2. I feel like we may miss Schwartz more than most people think. The below probably sums up my thoughts. Frustrating b/c it always seemed like anytime the offense got going, defense couldn't get stops but they kept us in a ton of games. @SheilKapadia Eagles defense ranked 8th in EPA/play during Jim Schwartz's 5-year run. Stubborn and frustrating at times, overall he did an excellent job. Two top-5 DVOA finishes, never lower than 17th. Schwartz set a floor of mediocrity and was able to do more with less. Mediocre defense+great offense is a formula for success in the NFL in 2020. Ea
  3. I agree. Missing the crowd a bit down the stretch here. But it's awesome to see the players and hear them interact. Not sure if they seem more friendly due to no fans or we just never get to see that side of things. But nothing like a Sunday roar on a chip-in.
  4. Drive-able par 4 should suffice. 17 and 18 are also birdie holes, albeit not as easy but should create some separation.
  5. Or just take the 2-shot and be done with it. I mean it won't matter so it'd be gross incompetence to let him sign it then DQ him.
  6. Is he disqualified? Thought it's just 2 shots. Yeah, that is what they just said. Unless he signs the card. So someone should tell Palmer. Although they're friends so doubt he'd rattle him.
  7. Do folks enjoy these types of tournaments? The US Open is its own thing but watching the ball just bounce off the green isn't that enjoyable to watch. If I wanted to see that, I'd go to the local course.
  8. If you have a Fire Stick, Roku, or probably a Smart TV or something along those lines, you can stream it via that. Or obviously just hook your laptop / ipad up to the TV. Not ideal but at least beats paying for PGA Tour Live.
  9. To be fair, a lot of it just seems like fat. The link below has pics from December. Not saying he isn't but he's not exactly bulging. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2019/12/10/bryson-dechambeau-turned-into-incredible-bulk-ahead-of-presidents-cup/40792349/
  10. Well that seems like a hot take. For one, I don't think anyone will approach Reed's as the most detestable player among other players on the tour. I'm sure they probably agree with Bryson that without fans, there is absolutely no privacy. It's not a great look for Bryson but it's a bit like Tiger at his peak when everything he did was scrutinized. Tiger had the same issues with throwing tantrums on the course. If I had to guess, most players do it but it only gets picked up by the most followed guys. But it's a double edged sword. The only reason his brand has any value is because people
  11. Bryson somehow makes shooting a 5-under look terrible. Wolff's swing looks like mine but it somehow goes straight.
  12. Man, holiday weekend. Most people probably home and not working / barely working. You got Bryson going off in the morning, which I'm sure some people in here are sick of him but I just can't stop watching. I just want to see what he'll do next. Obviously struggling today a bit. But so what does the PGA do? Replay yesterday's afternoon round on the Golf Channel. I know this is how it's been done for a while now. I guess they have to defend the streaming rights they sold and I refuse to buy NBC Sports Gold for any sport. You'd have thunk many would have thrown it on in the background today. But
  13. What I don't get about the playing through thing, they only use like half of the screen. If they utilized the whole screen, it'd be at least tolerable.
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