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  1. In a 12-team, PPR, dynasty league. Starters: QB/RB/WR/TE/3 Flex/Def/K Was offered James Robinson and a 2022 2nd for Zeke. I am ready to cash out on Zeke, as I think he maybe has one more good season left before we start seeing that sharp decline in RB's of his workload. However, I am not keen on this offer. James Robinson is good, but JAX looks so bad, I don't think Robinson ever has a chance to succeed this season. Etienne comes back next year and Robinson's role probably decreases even more. The draft pick will most likely be a high one judging from his roster. But they do a lottery for the bottom 6 teams, so the pick could be in any range from #13 to #18 overall. I may have just answered the question myself, but wanted to get some other opinions or counter offers I could propose. Thanks guys. Rosters: My team -- QB - Watson, Winston, Heineke RB - Elliott, Harris, Sanders, Ja Williams, Dillon WR - Diggs, Lamb, Godwin, Dio Johnson, Mike Williams, R. Moore, Osborn TE - Andrews, Tonyan His Squad -- QB - Burrow, Darnold RB - Barber, M. Carter, Etienne, Robinson, Swift WR - Green, Mooney, Pascal, Shepard, Toney, Watkins TE - Freiermuth, Gronk, Hooper, Schultz
  2. I tend to agree. I have Mixon as well on one of my dynasty teams. At this juncture, even though I'm not high on Mixon, I would still prefer him over Zeke. Zeke has had a huge workload over his career already and most backs like that tend to fall off a cliff. With Tony Pollard also emerging, I would not want to be adding Zeke at this stage of his career. Mixon still has somewhat low tread on his tires for his years in the league. If we're talking re-draft, I still take Mixon due to his volume and lack of competition. This would be a "decline" for me.
  3. I think no matter the setup, you should keep Gibson. I'd be amazed if Gaskin "hits". Even if he does, odds are he still wouldn't have the job next year. Way too many unknowns for Gaskin.
  4. I think my answer hinges on the type of league this is. If dynasty, I make the trade for Chubb and try to get a little extra knowing the owner like Dallas. With Zeke's workload, I feel he's got about 1 (maybe two) more season(s) before he starts to have a significant drop off. I'd prefer to cash in while his value is still up there before he's tough to unload (especially if I could get Chubb in return). If this is a re-draft, then I think I would prefer to keep Zeke for this season.
  5. While Mahomes is great, you've got Tannehill. I don't think the drop-off from Mahomes to Tannehill would be as negligible as giving up those two picks. I would say stay put. As to who you should take with that 3 and 4 pick? Take who you feel are the two best players available. Personally, I think I'd definitely go Pitts (the ceiling is just so high with him) and then I would pull my hair out trying to decide the next pick.
  6. This would be an easy accept for me if I’m getting the JT side.
  7. I would go with the Brown side. Your team is already young with a lot of upside. If you trade Brown, I think you’d be giving up one of the guys that has the fewest question marks. Especially since he seems to be coming into his own. If you are trying to acquire Brown, then yes, I would definitely pull the trigger.
  8. If it was me, I would go Jones. Don’t over-complicate it. For many of the reasons said above, go with Jones.
  9. I agree with Mozeta on this. Dak will more than likely start off slow and I don’t trust McCarthy to put Dak in good situations. Thomas is on his way out of NO and we don’t even know when he will be back. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t play at all this season. In conclusion, keep: J. Allen, Evans, and K. Allen
  10. This is tough. I am a little higher on Goedert than most (I think). If Philly ends up trading Ertz, then I'd be keeping Goedert. Goedert is rounding into form and right around that 3 and 4 year mark is when you typically see things click for TE's. However, if Ertz stays put, then I think I'm crossing my fingers and going with Akers. But even if Ertz stays, I think I could easily be swayed towards Goedert.
  11. If I was an Akers owner and that trade offer came across, I would hit accept in a heartbeat. Achilles injuries are absolutely brutal for RB's careers. There is always a chance he defies the odds and if he did, I still wouldn't regret the trade. Like Gally said, I would start with a much lower offer first.
  12. If there was one guy that you liked that much more than the other, then I wouldn't be making the trade. But since you are asking, then it is probably safe to assume you see Harris and Chase pretty equal. If that's the case, then I am accepting this deal. You get the extra pick and still get one of the two!
  13. In a start 1QB league, I wouldn't bother at all with this. You have Stafford and Roethlisberger. Keep the pick, unless you plan on trading away Stafford?
  14. I’ll go the other way and say DJ. I like his QB situation better. When DJ is healthy (and that’s not a guarantee) Big Ben peppers him with targets. And, Sutton is coming off an injury and will surely need time to acclimate. Give me DJ.
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