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  1. I know it's early, but let's be honest most of us are bored and counting down the days to the NFL draft so we can fire up more debates and finalize our rankings. At this point you may have an idea of the likely late round / UDFAs; who do you like? Around this time last year we were talking about Preston Williams. Combine snub and expected late pick/UDFA. Who is on your list this year?
  2. This guy is shaping up to be a bust on many levels. He's taking selfies while fans still want him to.
  3. I won't into details, but he and 2 others thought it was. I can honestly say there was none. I genuinely like the guys I was trading for ROS and did not like the guys I was trading away. It may have been seen as an unfair trade to some but I was tired of my team sucking and wanted to make a change. it's clear to me now that league is run in a way I do not support- rules made during the season without league input and an inner circle of mods/posters from another forum pulling the strings. The commish will remain nameless as he frequents these forums (I dont want to hijack a thread or cause publ
  4. I traded him away in a deal that was vetoed because it was seen as me trading 3 studs away (Wentz was considered one of those studs). I was getting Daniel Jones back among others, who I would take Jones ROS over Wentz easily. Just letting you all know there are still people out there who consider Wentz a stud
  5. apparently Osemele may be suing the jets/team doctor https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1188121185151864834?s=19 Did the Redskins rent their medical staff to the Jets?
  6. I had high hopes for this guy but he looks panicked when he is under pressure. He has top 5 potential but looks rather pedestrian at times.
  7. He had a good TC and a pretty flawless first game out in the preseason. better than his first preseason numbers indicate Hes practically free Yes, he has Tom Brady ahead of him, who just signed a contract extension, but the wheels have the fall off at some point. However, he appears to at least have a 2 year wait for now, unless injury or complete disaster. There are worse backups being rostered in some dynasty leagues IMO. I'm all in on this guy. I recall him this point last year being a 1st rd pick in many early mock drafts. He just has to unlearn his last year, w
  8. I couldnt find a thread on him, but I think it's time With Kroft's broken foot, this opens the door to Knox to really make a case for some playing time The Buffalo WR group leaves a bit to be desired; I know I'm having a hard time identifying who may be the guy to own. Knox may be the most dynamic pass catcher on the field, so it's possible for him to make a rare impact as a rookie te.
  9. I love the title. been laughing at it for what seems like a week
  10. cats out of the bag now... your new Tyreek Hill 5'10 187 lbs 4.33 40 highlights
  11. I dont think this is an absolute fact You forget, Murray had not yet declared for the NFL prior to AZ hiring KK. Most people felt he was using football to leverage more money from the As. Why would a franchise hire a coach who really likes a QB prospect st 1.1 who might declare? that's quite the risk. What do you think AZ would do of Murray had not declared for the NFL? IMO they hired KK because they felt he was the best hire. They had the 1.1, and suddenly Murray declared for the draft, putting them in a pickle.
  12. fixed. dont put it past the Raiders to take Haskins. Even TB. Teams 4, 5, 6 ,7, 10, 11 all could use a young/future qb... This is amazing news for the Jets
  13. If he is drafted by the Giants, is he an attractive rookie target? With OBJ/Engram/Barkley I was stoked about this spot and potentially targeting him. Now without OBJ I'm not so sure. Obviously I expect NY to draft a WR at some point but I'm not sure what I think about this perceived inevitable landing spot.
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