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  1. I needed to do a major rebuild last year on this team and I feel I am in a situation where I can’t hang my chances on a rookie QB in 2021 or 2022. I need a long term solution. I don’t have a whole lot of faith in Darnold or Bridgewater as qb1s. Brady will get me by this year. If Darnold or Bridgewater end up being useful I can always trade them for about the same price. The way my team is structured I have a winning window coming within the next 2-3 seasons, possibly this year depending on how my guys improve from last year, but there is a guy who is absolutely stacked in the league so that
  2. Traded a 21 2nd and James Robinson for Drew Lock. 1QB league but 10 team taxi, 18 man squad. Qbs are slim pickings. I have Teddy B, Darnold, Brady. So I’m not bad for this year but I don’t feeel confident waiting on a rookie next year if Darnold and Teddy don’t pan out. Lock is on my taxi. I was good trading a 2nd for Lock, and Robinson I don’t have much faith in. I also needed some taxi/roster space so the 2:1 was attractive to me. In a corresponding move the owner cut Michael Pittman... I was disappointed I didn’t see it until after someone else scooped him up
  3. Love 1.03 here... I’m not big on Ekeler so it’s probably about right for both sides
  4. I know it's early, but let's be honest most of us are bored and counting down the days to the NFL draft so we can fire up more debates and finalize our rankings. At this point you may have an idea of the likely late round / UDFAs; who do you like? Around this time last year we were talking about Preston Williams. Combine snub and expected late pick/UDFA. Who is on your list this year?
  5. I personally dont care. I like hearing what people have to say too, especially regulars here. Good luck in your offseason.
  6. Ertz and Engram is nothing to sneeze at. It depends what you're like at wr... which you have good depth. Personally I see Sutton as a star. Boyd looks pretty solid, but he could have a Mariota situation or Mahomes... no one knows right now. If I had Boyd and I could flip him for Ertz, and I was expecting only 1-2 more years of production from Ertz, I'd probably do it. Not sure I'd flip Sutton... but then again I havent researched outside of the top 6 because that's where all my picks are, and guys are yet to declare.
  7. I think it was 2 years ago I was told this is for completed trades only (season is never over in dynasty!) I think both trades are fair value, if you like Ertz. 1.7 is okay, but not great. Sutton is a hit already, and a rookie is a 50/50 crap shoot. at 1.7 consider the top 4 rbs and lamb/jeudy are gone... so you're kind of into that 3rd or 4th tier already. The 2nd trade is probably the one I'd do it I were desperate for a TE, but again... just not very high on Ertz. I'm not liking that te situation in philly- hard to get a pulse on it.
  8. I agree here ETA, you turned a 2nd round pick into a 1st. good work
  9. Waiting for someone to scold you for posting this here... but for now- IMO I'd take neither trade
  10. I think you got a good return for Singletary there. Singletary is good, but at 1.8 you'll get a guy who has more upside IMO. trade 2... I don't like OBJ, at all, but this is a great deal for you obviously. If hype starts for OBJ he could be a quick flip for profit. Or if you like him you're taking a pretty decent shot at him regaining NY form. Based off this year alone, you got hosed... I wouldnt give him credit for his NY production myself, and I wouldn't give a late 1st for him just because I dont think his value goes higher than it is today. I can admit I'm in the minority on that.
  11. Nice to hear your opinion. That was mine prior to recent mocks and other sites having 1 (or 0) RBs with round 1 grades. I really like my top 5 and could see them going in the first 2 rounds. Etienne is my 6th rb and I obviously have him rated lower than you but I have him as a low 2nd/early 3rd grade right now and my 6th rookie rb. I agree with you that the depth seems pretty great. rb6 in this draft class is still a top prospect
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