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  1. Sony had a huge whiff on a block there and bears still couldn't get to Stafford lol
  2. Yeah I know, kinda expected post draft to be mid 1st or so
  3. Seeing Sermon going so low is giving me hope of grabbing him at 1.11 Surprised seeing rondale moore going so high though
  4. My favorite part was when they spun a six game losing streak as a positive
  5. By far the worst conference in the history of the league and they still shove these nfc east garbage primetime games down our throats
  6. Jet sweep with a tight end on the half yard line?????? What????????
  7. Miller gets his ### handed to him on a block on the first play and then bobbles a catch on the second for an interception, great
  8. Completely baffling that the refs pulled arob out on an illegal hit they didn't see but they did actually see it since they pulled him out????
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