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  1. i know the steelers are a bit overrated, and Big Ben is up there in age, but good god this Fichtner guy sucks
  2. Really like the Cephus pick for you guys. I wouldn't be troubled by his 40 time. WR2 next year IMO when Marvin Jones is likely gone.
  3. think the Eagles really need Djax to get back for the offense to run smoothly. Don't think he ever returns this season truly healthy though
  4. Bears fan here. If Slay is active and that Kerryon fumble return for a TD doesnt happen, you guys win that game... and that would be impressive.
  5. kind of like Todd Bowles as your guys' HC, is it just me? Just need better players
  6. Inman is on the Colts. And I'm surprised he was so heavily targeted too, lol.
  7. So I'm not an X's and O's guy, don't really know too much about actual football, just fantasy. But during the Lions-Pats game Collinsworth mentioned something about Patricia using some type of defensive formation a lot from his Pats DC days during his first game against NYJ, and obviously it didn't work and they got shredded. Any idea what that was?
  8. Looks like there are needs all over the offensive line, from tackle to center. Needs at corner back, the CB you guys drafted looks like he could compete at nickel. Need an edge rusher and LB help as Darron Lee does not seem to be playing well. Not a bad draft though, got your QB, some solid receivers and a tight end, a host of running backs that are suitable for this year at least. Like the Shepherd pick.
  9. I'd probably take Adams over Bryant... only because Rodgers is throwing the ball. A lot of people talk about the TD regression with Adams but I am a believer that he can improve even more on his yardage total.
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