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  1. i know the steelers are a bit overrated, and Big Ben is up there in age, but good god this Fichtner guy sucks
  2. forgot to start him, too busy making DFS line-ups. GG.
  3. hopefully not COVID related. Either way, I think I am starting Carlos Hyde over him. 😬
  4. so who is rolling with Hyde over CEH? Because I am strongly considering it.
  5. surprising so far... thought he was one of the better best ball values. Guess not?
  6. with Stefanski at the helm this year, you have to think Hunt is an every-week flex
  7. https://twitter.com/cnnbrk/status/1300099521427517440 Quite the phrasing in this tweet.
  8. I just tried the interactive graph at this website: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/national/police-shootings-2019/ I sorted by black, white, black + unarmed, white + unarmed. The numbers appear to add up for 2019 - meaning that at least for unarmed police shootings, race was not really a significant factor. Rather, it was the subject's actions (and perhaps, for some of the incidents, poor training).
  9. OK. I will take a look. I read this this on twitter and wasn't sure what to make of it. It is twitter after-all and there was no source cited. https://twitter.com/LeonydusJohnson/status/1299298056656035840
  10. I don't believe the stats you shared (looking at the graph right now myself) have anything to do with being unarmed.
  11. The initial 911 call, which has been released, was his girlfriend (wife?) calling on Blake. I forgot the exact circumstances, but it was something about Blake shouldn't be at the house and wasn't giving her keys back. Not sure if it was car keys or house keys. A fairly typical domestic in lower income communities.
  12. you're right. Typing that myself felt a bit wrong. No point in re-phrasing, but I hope you know what I meant.
  13. Does anyone actually have police shooting stats when it comes to unarmed white people vs unarmed black people? I hear people keep saying that if Blake was white, he likely wouldn't have been shot. My gut tells me that stats will say this is not the case, but I don't know for sure.
  14. The law is the law is the law. It sucks that Brooks was killed but six officers lost their job on the basis that the DA can't make up his mind if tasing someone is deadly force or not. He was clearly making decisions based on his re-election.
  15. Eddie Johnson, former CPD superintendent. Graze wound to the head. Just off the top of my head (no pun intended). Happened when he was a detective sergeant. edit: There are multiple instances of officers being shot at while an offender's back is to them. This just happened with CPD and the 20-year old in Englewood a few weeks ago. While running through an alley, his back was to the officers and fired shots towards them. Offenders with a gun who are running can do this multiple ways (assuming the offender is right-handed): 1) extend right arm backwards towards officers, opening up the shoulder. 2) reach around stomach/torso (gun is near left side of body/lat), 3) up over their head, either near the left shoulder or above the head (if above the head, gun would be upside down).
  16. Is it? I thought people were protesting because the officer was clearly racist since Jacob Blake is black. Or because if Jacob Blake was white, it wouldn't have happened. Or that if you shoot someone in the back, it is automatically considered unjustified (which is false). Many officers have been shot and/or killed while an offender's back is to them. Many officers have been shot and/or killed while an offender is reaching into a vehicle or pocket. This doesn't mean anytime a subject does this that you are allowed to shoot, but every situation is different - this is called totality of the circumstances. In this particular instance, it is a justified shoot. As an officer, are you now supposed to just wait until you are shot or stabbed before you can fire? De-escalation was used. Less than lethal was used. Time was given. Verbal commands were given.
  17. yes. By use of force policy, it is considered justified. The officers already attempted to subdue Blake by non-lethal means (wrestling with him, tasering him), which failed. He had a knife and refused to drop it, which would consider him a deadly and immediate threat. I think it can be reasonably argued that the officer feared for his life as Blake, who had a knife, then reached into a car after disobeying verbal commands.
  18. So NBA teams take a hard stance against the shooting of a deadly threat, who has admitted to having a knife and has a well-known rap sheet, but decide to stay silent when it comes to China or black children getting shot/murdered in Chicago at near record levels? Is there no middle ground here?
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