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  1. I just believe its Wentz that directly correlates Reagors production, and Wentz will put the numbers up. I love the kid. Hope I can get him in my draft late 1st.
  2. http://www74.myfantasyleague.com/2019/top?L=47497&SEARCHTYPE=BASIC&COUNT=32&YEAR=2019&START_WEEK=1&END_WEEK=17&CATEGORY=freeagent&POSITION=WR&DISPLAY=points&TEAM=* Not sure if it'll work but check it out Free agents
  3. 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1K 2 DE 2 LB 2 DB/S We do 30 man rosters during the year, cut to 25 during offseason. Then have a draft for rookies and free agents. There isn't much on the FA side in a 20 teamer with that roster size. I own the tight ends because I got lucky on our waiver wire pre breakout.
  4. my Uncle owns Sanders. He's rebuilding and needs WR to build around
  5. Wentz, Trubiski Gurley, Ingram, Hilliard, D. Lewis Tyreek, DK, Davis, Boykin OJ/Brate, Higbee, Dissly/Hollister, Alie-Cox Fairburn Hunter/Jordan Smith/Mosley Smith, Peter Draft is coming next month, I have a 5-12 pick and 22 overall. I don't know where ny 5-12 pick is landing yet. .25 PPR Keep 25 players/year
  6. DK Metcalf, OJ Howard Miles Sanders .25 PPR I need a RB, Gurley and Ingram is all I have. 20 team dynasty. Wentz, Trubiski Gurley, Ingram Hill, DK, Davis, Boykin Higbee, Howard/Brate, Hollister/Dissly Core of my offense, do I do it for the future?
  7. It's ok! We have a 5-12 lottery for rookies and I am ranked 12 (worst chance of getting 5) .25 PPR, yes. I need a young RB to pair with Gurley, seeing Baltimore took Dobbins. I love what I see out of Sanders, but same with Metcalf. Deep down, for the 20 years this leagues been in, a solid recieving back like that usually leads the way over WRs.
  8. I really hope he comes back out swinging and we put his name back in an upper tier where it belongs.
  9. 20 team league, 30 players a team. I also have full idp, I was just breaking down the starters in my offense. It's a deeper league, the question was more if Sanders would outproduce Metcalf in #s, even if it isn't longevity.
  10. Existing. Going on 19 years 🤞 Wentz Gurley/Ingram Hill, Metcalf, Davis, Boykin OJ, Higbee, Hollister/Dissly Top 12 pick and 22 overall. Thinking QB at 22.
  11. 20 team dynasty. Start 2 rbs 3wrs .25 ppr
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