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  1. Projections already? This guy is dedicated.
  2. I'm still going with he's an ingrate. Reminds me of when Antonio Brown started acting a fool and Larry Fitzgerald was like, "Really, bro?" The Packers maybe haven't been the best organization at getting talent on offense, but they've been good enough for Rodgers to win how many mvp's. They're certainly not the worst. Maybe Rodgers should try out the Jets like Favre did if he feels sad.
  3. One thing I read was they told Rodgers they would trade him then renigged, now the man is pissed.
  4. Idk man, he currently has one of the best wrs, one of the best rbs on his team, and plays behind one of the better offensive lines in football. I think Aaron Rodgers has first world problems - the super rich and famous with God given ability type of first World problems. A person who feels slighted by the team who has twice made him the highest paid player in football is an ingrate.
  5. What else would one expect from the bengals tho?
  6. Nah, im thinking whatever Devante Parker would have done if he was a little bit faster.
  7. I play to win not for ####s and giggles. There's money at stake here.
  8. If they pass on Najee, I'd bet they can still get a starter with their 2nd pick. They're going to need get somebody at some point for sure. If they plan on operating the same offense as last year I dont think rb should be a priority. And LeVeon is still available no?
  9. I hope they don't take a rb in the first. Not sure how much the Steelers are into analytics, but all such evidence suggests not doing so. If they insist I'd expect them to go Harris. I think he's reminiscent of their last big draft investment Le'Veon Bell.
  10. I want all my receivers to look like Kelvin Benjamin.
  11. An outlier is a data point you remove from your training data set because it might scew the model. For example, if you're wanting to find the average income in America you might remove Bill Gates and Donald Trump types in your calculation. Only in fantasy football 'analytics' do people use being an outlier as part of their prediction model. This is some nonsense you will never learn in school. In fact, your professor would tell you Smith falls out of the scope of your model, therefore you cannot make an accurate prediction.
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