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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s9mVXuQPaWA
  2. Boy it doesnt take long to go from offensive genius to needs to be fired in the NFL.
  3. Henderson has played 90%+ of snaps 2 games, 66%+ his other 2. This is more than Aaron Jones, Deandre Swift, Nick Chubb, Miles Sanders, yada yada. Dalvin Cook usually isn't on the field over 80% of the time. Michel gets 9 of his 11 carries on one drive at the end of the first half where Henderson sat out. If the Rams coaching staff doesn't think Henderson can stay on the field why did they play him mostly the entire second half with 11 more carries? Meanwhile Michel only gets 2.
  4. I think the others would be solid stop gap measures. Garoppolo is a decent starting quarterback, I'd be cool with him.
  5. Garoppolo would possibly be available. Bridgewater, Tyrod Taylor, Foles, Mariota, and Trubiski are all free agents. I would expect them to pick up one of these.
  6. Toney's innate ability is encouraging, reminiscent of Tyreek Hill. But there is a lot more than sick moves which goes into Hill being best receiver in the game. Seems like Toney could be useful as is, but I can't help to dream big hoping he develops into an all around receiver also.
  7. Why is everybody sticking a fork in Marquise Brown, did he break his leg or something?
  8. It doesn't matter who I have. Theres nothing to sort out here with Sermon. He is an afterthought. Hasty, or Wilson tho? It's hard to tell what happens with Mitchell when they come back.
  9. What exactly is there to sort out? The 9ers only used Sermon in the game Mitchell didn't play.
  10. It's been beat to death on the internet all over the place and for good reason: Jimmy G is terrible. No need to sugar coat it. The 49ers lose games sometimes when he plays, in fact they've lost 28% of the games starting him. And it's worse this year, where they're losing 33% of the time. It's ridiculous. They couldn't even win the Super Bowl with Jimmy. Shanahan will soon change his mind if he wants to turn this franchise around. Lance has never lost an NFL game he started, nor has he even thrown an incompletion. He scores tds on almost 30% of his plays. That's like 100 points a game if he plays the whole time. Their days of losing games sometimes will be over once they put Lance in.
  11. You have to give credit where credit is due, but overall he's terrible. It's been only 3 games and he's already thrown an interception. He's on pace for like 6 this season. Lance will be in before too long.
  12. And he couldn't even do a game winning drive without leaving enough time for the Packers to score again. He's worthless.
  13. Why do you want Jimmy G to be a crap quarterback badly? The evidence shows he's a decent starter, much better than all the rookies playing right now. It's doubtful San Francisco's rookie is an exception.
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