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  1. Am I the only one who thinks it's outrageous Doug Pederson was on the hot seat?
  2. Well I wasn't comparing Henry with Aaron Jones. Comprehension is difficult for some people so I don't take it personally. Henry has been quite durable and one of the best backs in the league. Despite these facts Coach LaFluer still used Dion Lewis quite a bit. So perhaps this is a LaFluer thing and not the Packers have figured how to use Aaron Jones. .
  3. They were selected 10 picks apart. If Jeudy was a lot higher it was bias. This should not carry over after this season. They were in very similar situations with injuries and crappy quarterback play but Aiyuk was clearly the best player on his team and Jeudy was not. It should not be close.
  4. At this moment it's is 21 to 20 in favor of Aiyuk. When I posted it was 18 to 17 for Jeudy. I don't feel like it should even be close.
  5. LaFluer didn't think Derrick Henry could handle 20 touches a game either.
  6. Surprising Aaron Jones name hasn't come up yet. I'm sure I'm in the minority by considering him a buy. But everybody and their brother is apprehensive about his new team and trying to sell. The price could come down low enough to make even his worst case scenario a worthwhile get.
  7. If you're waiting for 5 yards of deperation with these receivers you'll never throw the ball.
  8. I agree on Robinson, it's a smart move to buy him before the draft. One would assume a 1-13 team lacks talent all over the place. There's only one reason to 'upgrade' at one of few position where they have a good player on a cheap contract: stupidity. I always like to assume the people running these football teams aren't stupid until they prove me wrong.
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