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  1. Love seeing Hienz Field full of fans.
  2. Drake makes his money Charlie Garner style. Remember him? Long ago he was catching passes for Gruden before it was cool to throw to running backs. Also, it's hard run the ball without, you know, running the ball. Bills attempt 51 passes, Singletary + Breida get 14 carries - in a game they were winning until the 4th quarter. Inexplicable, inexcusable..... or it just proves your point. Who knows?
  3. Pittsburgh defended well down field against a Josh Allen, and that's what he's all about. Patiently hitting Beasley 5-7 yards at a time would have been better. Carr will take the check downs all game if needed. Of course I don't know how Pitt will change their tactics. It's just how I feel about it.
  4. Same scenario exactly and I'm going with Drake.
  5. My bold prediction is he's active this week.
  6. Although, 10 yards per touch is probably unreasonable. Well, with a short td too, that's like 13 yards per touch for the other 7.
  7. I think I agree with Joe, just stupidity on their part. Hopefully it costs them a lot of money in subscriptions and what not.
  8. I hope I'm not the only one perturbed by the removal of the all 22 film on the NFL GamePass, due to "technical difficulties". It's been advertised as a feature since forever. Conveniently the NFL had no "technical difficulties" taking out my automatic subscription payment for a product they don't even offer. According to the website and email correspondence "coaches film is currently in development and will be available later this season. Please continue to check back here for more updates. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience". Previously they stated it would be available at the start of the regular season, which basically makes them liars. Adding to the frustration, on twitter now I'm noticing fantasy experts posting what you might call film breakdowns using not the broadcast film, but the all 22 angles. For example @JetPackGalileo and @JMoyerFB from the ff_astronauts. How the hell are they getting it? I've been pestering them for an answer but haven't received one. @Joe Bryant I wonder if you have any insight into this injustice? Is there some sort of special deal with fantasy experts going on? Thanks.
  9. This is some hyper-critical stuff if I've ever seen it. This last play in the clip Mitchell finds the cutback, but not fast enough for the critic, who complains about the rb taking "5 steps to turn around". Probably why Mitchell misses the slivers of daylight which appear in slow-motion replay, also known as physics.
  10. If we get into the area of semantics, in the first place term 'outlier' is grossly misused in fantasy circles. So maybe we shouldn't get into it.
  11. I'll take the history of Payton's 2nd string RB. Tony J would be an outlier if he didn't produce.
  12. This team, seems to me, will clearly score a lot of points, not all of which performed by Amari Cooper. Better days ahead, no question. Them Cowboys will not attempt passes on 80% of their plays every game, that's just crazy.
  13. I hope he gets out of the hospital though. I don't want to see anything bad happen to him.
  14. On a personal note, I'm glad Jamison Crowder got covid so I could put him on IR, otherwise I would have dropped Murray. Who the hell knows how this will work out, and we may not know until week 5 or after.
  15. A handcuff is usually a lottery ticket either way, whether for your rb or another's rb. I'm wanting the garunteed points, or at least the opportunity from my own handcuff if I'm competing. Points on your bench from some other guy's back up will not help you win. If I'm rebuilding, only interested in adding value and actively trying not to win, I'll take any lottery ticket. Whoever I think has the best talent.
  16. Going by the best obective measure of a prospect we have, Toney is not quite the caliber of OBJ. You could also say he's drafted for a different purpose other than plug and play wide receiver. But Eli Manning got benched for Daniel Jones.
  17. Remember Odell.Beckham.Jr? If I remember correctly, he was hurt the whole of pre season also. Uncanny.
  18. Best case long term he's a Tyler Boyd. The Falcons could address the position next year wherein Gage was your WR3 for one year. There's also a non-zero chance Orville Zaccheaus eats into a bunch of the non-Pitts/Ridley targets.
  19. He's pretty much the same person but on a team without Juju and Diontae. I feel like I would roll with Calloway.
  20. This one happened before Latavius.Murray got sacked. Myles.Gaskins, '22 4th, '23 4th '22 2nd, Tony.Jones, Jamison.Crowder
  21. Well it's not called a lotto ticket because it's guaranteed.
  22. Height has a lot less predictive value than draft capital, I don't see why anybody would care about it. If one wanted to look into appropriately, he'd have to use a multivariate analysis correcting for where the player was drafted. You'll find draft capital and height are already correlated themselves which brings up collinearity, another can of worms. These threshold procedures are bush league analytics.
  23. This is about the worst statistical analysis I've ever seen. No offense.
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