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  1. Chris Harris, Pat Mayo, and the Numberfire podcast are three for starters, but there's 10 or more out there I've played in before. Most of 'em are usually $5 or $10 a throw single-entries. Mayo's is $15 and a 3-max IIRC though so that's not one I'll do every week. You usually have to go to each week's show notes to grab the tournament link for that week, although Harris and maybe one or two others have standing DK "leagues" that let you pull up that week's contest from your app homepage.
  2. Quite a few popular FF / DFS podcast hosts offer links to rake-free GPPs in their show notes. I’ve always played DFS for entertainment rather than profit anyway - at least this way I don’t have to pay 15% off the top for the privilege.
  3. Took the words right out of my mouth, @BassNBrew. The NFL cares about what brings dollars first, eyeballs second, and everything else not at all. There was a time when season-long FF was the biggest driver of eyeballs and at least a secondary driver of $$$ to the NFL. That time ended 8 or 10 years ago. Since then it's been DFS >>> season-long. In a couple years it'll be sports betting >>> DFS >>> season-long (NJ alone is expected to generate $1B+ in betting handle per month this coming NFL season). When McKinsey or whomever put their impact assessment toget
  4. 6.12 Aaron Rodgers GBP QB6 7.01 Justin Herbert LAC QB7 For better or worse, my 6-7 double-tap will go a long way toward determining my success in this draft. Even if they just marginally outperform their draft slots, I could well wind up with 600 points from the QB position, which will hide a lot of warts. With 25 rounds at play, it was tough to resist burning a late-rounder on a QB3, but the me who doubled up early made the week-later me swear not to give into the temptation, so here we are. 1.01 McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB1 5.01 Travis Etienne ROOK RB22 11.01 Duke Johnson HOU
  5. 6.12 Mr. Irrelevant Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB 10:37:00 p.m. 7.01 Mr. Irrelevant Herbert, Justin LAC QB 10:37:10 p.m. This is either the most brilliant 6-7 turn in recent FBG draft history, or the dumbest. I have no idea which.
  6. right ... so instead of 2/1 the ratio is 1/0.75 = 1.33. Definitely clearer ways I could have phrased that ... this is probably why my wife is the math teacher instead of me.
  7. 1.01 McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB1 - Not much to say here - still the best all-around back in the game. 2.12 Kittle, George SFO TE3 - Being able to start up to 3 means the opportunity cost of drafting TE early is much lower than in our traditional survivor so, despite going from a 2x reception premium to 1.33x, the value impact is being overstated IMO. I'd have considered 24th overall good value for Kittle even with no TE premium at all. 3.01 Brown, A.J. TEN WR9 - The Titans are never gonna be a team that slings it 650 times a year ... so while AJB is as talented as any WR in the gam
  8. Hadn't checked back here the past couple days so I just saw @rzrback77’s note about being around early ... just kicked things off. @OldMilwaukee is OTC.
  9. You're always good with giving feedback on other teams so I try to return the favor once in a while. Not much to say at QB. Mahomes vs. an average QB1 gives you a ~5ppg head start right out of the chute. A QB3 would have been setting a draft pick on fire. Zeke / Pollard is a nice example of the flexibility you get from the two extra slots in these 20-rounders (cough cough, this should be the survivor default, cough cough). Should combine for a top-6 or so RB1. Never been a big Montgomery fan - just feel he's OK at everything and great at nothing - in best-ball I'd definitely have thr
  10. 13.08 Rodrigo Blankenship IND PK8 - Every time I watch the Colts’ FG unit come out on the field, I’m reminded of Matt Damon in The Accountant. I’m not saying that’s the reason I drafted Blankie … but I’m not saying it’s not. 14.09 Darrell Henderson LAR RB56 - Having started off RB-RB, I didn’t plan to stock much depth (if Barkley or Jones go down for the duration, I’m screwed regardless). So if I only have a couple backups, I might as well grab talent and pray for opportunity. The Rams’ acquisition of Stafford should mean fewer stacked boxes in 2021, and Akers hasn’t exactly been the pict
  11. Totally unscientific sample, but IMO the teams that go out Week 1 tend to fall into two buckets: owners that loaded up on rookies and FAs, who generally start off slow as they adjust to new surroundings; and teams that just roll snake eyes on the injury dice before September even rolls around, which no one can do anything about.
  12. 9.08 Jeff Wilson Jr. SF RB39 - Tough spot here as my top 3 options (Shenault, Higbee, Smith) went in the literal 3 picks before mine. Rest of the TEs and WRs look pretty interchangeable to me, so that leaves Wilson, a guy with a nose for the end zone on a team losing half its RB room to FA whose current #1 has missed 17 games the last 3 seasons. In theory a good candidate to draft an elite RB, but as they haven’t spent a Day 1 or 2 pick there since 2014 I’ll roll the dice on JWJ still having a substantial role. 10.09 Gerald Everett LAR/UFA TE24 - I thought for sure my sleeper Kmet would m
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