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  1. 13.08 Rodrigo Blankenship IND PK8 - Every time I watch the Colts’ FG unit come out on the field, I’m reminded of Matt Damon in The Accountant. I’m not saying that’s the reason I drafted Blankie … but I’m not saying it’s not. 14.09 Darrell Henderson LAR RB56 - Having started off RB-RB, I didn’t plan to stock much depth (if Barkley or Jones go down for the duration, I’m screwed regardless). So if I only have a couple backups, I might as well grab talent and pray for opportunity. The Rams’ acquisition of Stafford should mean fewer stacked boxes in 2021, and Akers hasn’t exactly been the pict
  2. Totally unscientific sample, but IMO the teams that go out Week 1 tend to fall into two buckets: owners that loaded up on rookies and FAs, who generally start off slow as they adjust to new surroundings; and teams that just roll snake eyes on the injury dice before September even rolls around, which no one can do anything about.
  3. 9.08 Jeff Wilson Jr. SF RB39 - Tough spot here as my top 3 options (Shenault, Higbee, Smith) went in the literal 3 picks before mine. Rest of the TEs and WRs look pretty interchangeable to me, so that leaves Wilson, a guy with a nose for the end zone on a team losing half its RB room to FA whose current #1 has missed 17 games the last 3 seasons. In theory a good candidate to draft an elite RB, but as they haven’t spent a Day 1 or 2 pick there since 2014 I’ll roll the dice on JWJ still having a substantial role. 10.09 Gerald Everett LAR/UFA TE24 - I thought for sure my sleeper Kmet would m
  4. For some strange reason, the very first thing that popped into my head when I read this phrase was Chip Kelly, sitting in the cab of a backhoe in his backyard, clearing space for those gigantic picture postcards he used to hold up on the Eagles' sideline.
  5. Done. ETA: and nice grab of Slayton coming back. If he's going in this range all summer and the Giants go after Pitts instead of a top WR, he'll be on a lot of my teams.
  6. Personally, if I were in Wentz' shoes I'd go full Kamara, call myself a fullback, and find a number in the 40s before I ever put on a #11 jersey again. I'm not superstitious, but if I'm making a clean break, it's gonna be soup-to-nuts.
  7. We've had 5 even-numbered rounds so far, and @Stinkin Ref has taken the exact guy at the top of my draft list 4 out of 5 times. I WANT REF'S DRAFT SLOT AWAY FROM MINE IN PDSL. FAR, FAR AWAY. kthx
  8. Don’t feel bad. Smith wasn’t making it past me if NM didn’t take him. I literally had him, Higbee and Shenault in my top-3 predraft spots. Speaking of
  9. 6.09 Mike Gesicki MIA TE13 - I'll probably wait on TE in most of my drafts this year, so a good chance I'll wind up with multiple shares of this guy. The lightbulb finally seemed to go on for Gesicki in the back half of 2020, and with his freakish physical gifts and continued growth from Tua (spoiler alert!) he's got as good a chance at a top-5 season as anyone else at this God-forsaken position. 7.08 Jerry Jeudy DEN WR42 - Another bet on the WR youth movement. He went five picks later than in last year's WSL despite recording 53/764 at age 21 with the barely competent Drew Lock at QB, an
  10. 4.09 Kyler Murray ARI QB5 - Past experience in survivors has taught me that it's fine to wait on QB or TE, but rarely on both - and there's no one who stands out at the latter position at all for me here. Kyler finished QB5 last season despite spending the last few weeks as obviously hobbled as Kirk Gibson in the '88 World Series. At his size, injury is more than likely an ongoing risk, but at full health he's one of a small handful of names with overall QB1 upside. 5.08 Tee Higgins CIN WR27 - Another thing survivors have taught me: don't worry too much about rankings or ADP this early on
  11. 4.10 Norseman Thomas, Logan WAS TE Grrrr. I was probably going Kyler at 4.09 regardless, but it helped I was reasonably confident Thomas would make it back to me in the 5th. Nice pick.
  12. I know it's early - really early - but I'm shocked at the value available in the #40-50 overall range this year. Normally in the equivalent of the 4th round of a 12-teamer you're looking at committee backs and WRs with either lower ceilings or lots of question marks. But Dobbins? McLaurin? Both of the Bucs' stud WRs? If as a group the 3rd round of this draft outperforms the 2nd round I won't be the least bit surprised. 1.08 Saquon Barkley NYG RB4 - After Cook you can throw the next 6 names in a hat and draw one IMO. All the talent in the world and with almost a full year to recover from h
  13. Done. Thanks so much for sniping my predraft pick. I'll probably regret passing on Thomas ... but I have zero confidence in Hill as a starting QB and zero confidence that Payton won't try to make it work regardless. Meanwhile I don't see too many destinations Jones could land where he wouldn't be a consensus top-10 RB. Now watch him become a Jaguar ...
  14. Probably not, but there’s always D’Marcus, DeSquarius and D’Glester.
  15. Not that anyone asked but, since I love to hear myself talk, I'm in favor of three things for this WSL iteration: Keeping the schedule the same as prior years despite the addition of Week 18. It'd be different if this was a total-points format, but no league should have its winner decided on a week when the best players on the best teams are most likely to sit. Expanding rosters to 22. I get that survivor is supposed to be a war of attrition, but there's a big difference between that and being effectively out of the running by Memorial Day. Plus it's always fun to earn a couple ext
  16. I finished 21st of 26 last year - so the only thing I'm defending here is my honor. Of course, if I really wanted to do that maybe I should have spent more than 5 minutes throwing this together. TMQB: BAL, SEA RB: McCaffrey CAR, Elliott DAL, Chubb CLE, Henry TEN WR: Thomas NO, J. Jones ATL, Golladay DET, Godwin TB, Adams GB TE: Andrews BAL, Kelce KC FLX: Kittle SF PK: Tucker BAL, Lutz NO DST: PIT, BUF
  17. Generally, the one thing that gets me to start a prospect thread here is "I considered taking this guy in a WSL draft and couldn't believe he doesn't have a dedicated SP thread SP yet." AFAICR, I've only had this happen twice in 5 years for WRs. Once with Michael Thomas ... and once with Leonte Carroo. 50/50 chance of Aiyuk becoming the NFL's fantasy WR1 confirmed! The best concise summary I've seen of his draft prospects, courtesy of The Ringer: He's got at least one outspoken fan on this board ... right, @ZWK? Let's hear from the others!
  18. So ... SI's early 2019 rankings are out, and Wentz's may be the most egregiously bad of any player at any position. He's at QB17. QB17! Behind the likes of Trubisky, Winston, and Lamar Jackson, to say nothing of Rivers (who may retire) and Newton (who may not play at all) Ranking him behind Mahomes, A-Rod, Luck, Watson, Wilson I get. Brees, certainly, unless he retires. Maybe Ryan and Goff. But I'm fresh out of names to put ahead of him after that. Is he really going to be valued as a QB2 heading into next season? If so, even after I take off my green-tinted glasses, there's ma
  19. I make it a point to never, ever read ALL-CAPS links because they're invariably misleading clickbait. I made an exception here because it's my Birds, and sure enough, here's the complete extent of Pederson's actual words: Not only was there not one mention of Carson feeling too much was asked of him, there wasn't a single word in the entire article that Pederson actually attributes to Wentz. In other words, it's 100% misleading clickbait. Shocker! Internet sports headline writers need to be rounded up and thrown into a dungeon.
  20. I'd literally rather take a selfie of me using that Grant to light a cigar. It would be a more productive use of the cash.
  21. As far as I remember DGB only had one ball you could classify as a drop. Wentz airmailed him on 3-4 separate occasions, including twice on passes of maybe 10 yards. Do you know how hard it is to airmail a guy with DGB's wingspan at 10 yards? And I don't think any WR got a single RZ target yesterday - every time Wentz dropped back inside the CIN 20, I, my buddies, and everyone in Paul Brown Stadium seemed to know the ball was going either to a RB out of the backfield or to Ertz. No real way to sugarcoat yesterday's performance, other than he's a rookie and even future HOFers throw up these
  22. @Faust: time to change the thread title to "Official Manziel: O/U 0.5 more passes thrown in the NFL".
  23. At this point, there's pretty much no headline containing the name "Johnny Manziel" that I'd be unwilling to believe. He's like the Florida Man of the NFL.
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