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  1. “Don’t panic. But if you’re going to panic ... panic first.” The NFL could very well have to choose between losing (or even just postponing) a week now and the entire rest of the season in a couple of weeks. The former seems the obvious choice, which is why I’m confident they’ll choose the latter.
  2. Ha to you both! I've got to start Gaskin, Preston WIlliams, and Gesicki. Oddly enough, I couldn't have picked a better week schedule-wise to get painted into that particular corner.
  3. I have nothing at all to base this on, but my guess is that the actual super-secret owners' plan was to create bubble(s) of their own a la the NBA/NHL. From there, my less cynical take is: they knew even announcing that option in the summer would create open revolt among the players - to the point they might not even get the season off the ground - so in public they're playing it by ear. My more cynical (and IMO more probable) take is: they then realized they grossly underestimated the logistical challenges associated with sheltering 2,000+ players and staff in-place and decided to j
  4. My 3-0 team is an 18-point underdog this week. 10-team 2-QB PPR - Ryan, Wentz (Big Ben out) Taylor, Gaskin (Barkley IR, Carson out) Julio, OBJ, P. Williams (Godwin out) Gesicki (J. Smith out) Gallup Elliott, ARZ ugh.
  5. They can argue all they want. Remember a couple years back when Florida was under hurricane warning and the Week 1 TB / MIA game was changed to their bye, on maybe 2 days' notice? The players screamed bloody murder but it didn't change the outcome one bit. Same thing here. The NFL will come up with their solution and tell the NFLPA to choke it down with a smile.
  6. That's a big assumption, considering we couldn't even get out of September without the first game being called off. Week 18 should be a last resort, which I would use only if cases spike towards the end of the regular season. The NFL doesn't have a ton of scheduling flexibility - but they have more now then they'll have next week, which is more than they'll have the following week, and so on. They should be using what flexibility they do have to its fullest while they still can.
  7. The problem with conditional rosters is that it's a lot of manual labor for the commish - emphasis on "manual" as very few if any sites support it. Not to mention that at some point, especially in this environment, it's going to call for some subjective judgment (this week we heard about the positive tests on Tuesday. What happens if news breaks about one of the teams playing MNF at 5pm Sunday, when all but four teams have already kicked off? Or five minutes after SNF kicks off?) For both reasons I haven't jumped to suggest this option in the league I run. Balanced against this is that an
  8. Going into a shell like that is one of the clearest external signals that somebody's losing their self-confidence. I remember watching David Duval around the turn of the century - he used to be totally unafraid to go toe-to-toe with Tiger. 220 yards over water out of the rough to a shallow green? Sure, I've got that shot in my bag. Grip it and rip it. He was never close to Tiger skill-wise but he'd make shots like that all the time, just because he was certain he could do it. He missed the better part of a year due to injuries and when he came back, he'd stare down that exact same sh
  9. Arguing over whether Gase or Patricia is a worse head coach is like arguing whether lutefisk tastes worse than haggis.
  10. Since Wentz came into the league, 20 QBs have attempted over 1,500 passes. Wentz ranks 14th of 20 in both completion percentage and ANY/A. The 6 guys behind him are Bortles, Newton, Eli, Dalton, and Winston / Goff (on C%) or Keenum / Flacco (on ANY/A). These are not lists of names you want your nine-figure franchise QB to be even remotely associated with. I thought Wentz would be great and want Wentz to be great ... but I said the same things about Mariota a couple years ago, too. You can hand-wave things away only so much - at some point the numbers have to speak for themselves.
  11. Better late than never with a writeup, I suppose! 1.09 - Davante Adams, WR2 GBP Last year WR6. Unquestioned #1 target for one of the game's elite QBs on what is still an elite offense when firing on all cylinders. Still a clear step below the names taken so far - #9 feels like a really tough slot in this format especially. High playoff potential. 2.08 - Chris Godwin, WR6 TBB Last year WR3. Felt like an absolute gift here. His skillset seems tailor-made to run wild in a Brady offense, to the point where I'll make a futures bet on him to lead the league in yards if I can find a goo
  12. I finished 21st of 26 last year - so the only thing I'm defending here is my honor. Of course, if I really wanted to do that maybe I should have spent more than 5 minutes throwing this together. TMQB: BAL, SEA RB: McCaffrey CAR, Elliott DAL, Chubb CLE, Henry TEN WR: Thomas NO, J. Jones ATL, Golladay DET, Godwin TB, Adams GB TE: Andrews BAL, Kelce KC FLX: Kittle SF PK: Tucker BAL, Lutz NO DST: PIT, BUF
  13. Don't see any way around it TBH. There's no way we're going to average a pick every 8-9 minutes during waking hours, which is more or less what it would take to get this thing wrapped up by Thursday.
  14. @BassNBrew Are we using a flex spot in this one or no? I can never keep track.
  15. If you need another ... you’ve got another. If not - no big deal.
  16. Sorry not sorry @Biabreakable I was *almost* sure he’d make it to the last round, but in my experience the bottom 8-10 team DSTs are completely interchangeable so figured I’d go a round early on my guy. Glad I did, I guess. Personally I love drafting individual players in leagues like this. My home league is a 12-team redraft but with 22 roster slots, so there are usually 230+ skill position players drafted - and these mocks are the only ones I’ve found that give me a decent picture on draft trends that far down the list.
  17. I dunno ... I've always kinda preferred the opposite approach. As a lifelong Eagles fan, I learned many years ago to avoid taking Eagles in my FF drafts whenever humanly possible. When they underperform or, worse yet, suffer season-ending injuries while on my teams, it's a double psychological blow. Whereas the pain of watching Zeke or Saquon run roughshod over the Birds is lessened if it helps carry me to a fantasy W at the same time. Now that sports wagering is legal in NJ, I also routinely bet against my hometown teams in important games for the same reason. Read about these
  18. It's the right philosophy for poker (another hobby of mine) but FF? I've been playing FF long enough where I stopped bothering with ROI a while back. If the league is fun, active, and fair then it doesn't matter how good my opponents are - so much of this hobby is down to luck anyway. If it's not then it's not worth my time regardless. Yeah, the money is nice, but I've won and lost more in four hours at a NLHE table then I could win or lose in four months in any of my FF leagues. I'm sure I'd feel differently if I were an FFPC regular or whatever. 🤑
  19. I really like them both but Minny being a better overall team in this format tipped the scale. Also I needed to go WR-WR and figured there was at least some small chance Edwards might make it back to me. With you directly behind me I knew there was zero chance Jefferson would. And Harry and Samuel were my two top choices for the second WR so naturally you and @bro1ncos conspired to give me neither of them. I can't tell you how glad I am that very few of my money leagues are this competitive.
  20. So, given the opportunity, I didn't draft Nuk ... but I did draft the QB on his old team and the WR he's most likely to steal targets from on his new team. It's all part of my devious master plan, which I'll reveal to you as soon as I come up with it.
  21. A thousand apologies all ... I’m on vacation in Maine this week and we lost internet all of yesterday in a place with minimal cell service. Borked myself in IBL as well and was only rescued there through the quick reaction of my FBG teammates. @Anarchy99 - feel free to skip my pick if I’m OTC for more than a couple hours between now and Sunday. I’ll predraft as needed.
  22. The Upton Sinclair quote springs to mind: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it."
  23. This is one of the most barbell-looking teams I've ever seen in these. We have to start 7 skill positions each week and in 5 of those slots you should be gaining points on the field every week. Which leaves RB2 - where you've got three guys whose roles in their offenses are the "dude throws his hands in the air" emoji - and WR3 - where you've got two rooks and two guys who are always banged up. With the possible exception of White you could get 0 or 20 from any of the other six in any given week and right now in May it wouldn't surprise me. But then again ... you only need one score each
  24. For better or worse, SSL/MBSL strategy is pretty dictated by the survivor format and the 18-man rosters. Basically you get to choose: either be somewhat thin at most positions or dangerously thin at one or two positions. This time around I decided to stock up on playable RB/WRs and let the chips fall where they may at the start-1 positions. In some cases it worked out, in others ... not so much. 5.14 Josh Allen BUF QB9 [11] 7.14 Jimmy Garoppolo SFO QB21 [11] Like this duo in this format (at least I did when I drafted them). The Diggs addition should open up the Bills' pass game
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