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  1. 9 hours ago, NorrisB said:


    QB Daniel Jones NYG 6.14

    QB Joe Burrow Bengals 8.14


    RB Ezekiel Elliot Dal  1.3

    RB Jonathan Taylor Ind 3.03

    RB Phillip Lindsay Den 9.03


    WR DJ Moore Car 2.14

    WR DeVante Parker Miami 5.3

    WR John Brown Buf 7.03


    TE Darren Waller Oak 4.14


    Really like this squad with one glaring exception.

    Jones and Burrow should be a fine pairing. Kyle Allen was steaming hot garbage last year and in this format he still averaged 22ppg.  If you can get that from Burrow and 25ppg from Jones in a best-ball you'll pretty much keep pace with the pack.

    Taylor is my favorite back from the 2020 class and he got a dream landing spot so I wouldn't call 3.03 a reach. Lindsay is a tough nut to crack ... I was shocked to see he only caught 35 balls last year (thought more like 55) so on one hand - how would he hold any value if most of his 1,011/7 rushing goes away? - on the other hand - if he transitions to a pure receiving back, well, that's what Ekeler was with Melly in LAC and he still put up RB2 numbers. At RB40 he's worth the gamble. And I noted earlier that where you got Waller and Parker was highway robbery.

    OTOH I want zero, nada, nothing to do with DJ this season. Maybe it's unfounded but I'm convinced he's chained to the giant boat anchor that is Teddy KGB's complete unwillingness to throw past the sticks. If you watched Amari his last 10-15 games in Oakland with Carr, that combo's not just fantasy poison, it's ####### infuriating.

    For your first draft in a long time it's a great start though.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Sweet Love said:

    Agreed.  Picking #1 in a 16 teamer will always give you a "visual bump", but coming away with Wilson, Ertz and cooper (top 10 in their respective positions), plus very startable pieces to round out the rest of the positions, it looks like he was drafting in a 12 teamer.  Nice work...

    Tough to argue with this. Also, Ry's first 7 picks already make for a nice starting lineup ... I've seen some unorthodox draft approaches win these things but in the 18-man SSL/MBSL I've personally never had success with them. Better to get solid starters up front and go BPA the rest of the way IMO.

    Although if you want to throw an "everything breaks right" projection on each team, I could see Slob running away with this thing.

  3. On 5/4/2020 at 9:15 AM, Mr. Irrelevant said:
    1.14	Kittle, George SFO TE2	
    2.03	Jacobs, Josh LVR RB11
    3.14	Sutton, Courtland DEN WR19
    4.03	Woods, Robert LAR WR24
    5.14	Allen, Josh BUF QB9
    6.03	Landry, Jarvis CLE WR34
    7.14	Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB21
    8.03	Guice, Derrius WAS RB36


    Added another high-floor guy at QB2 - with the 18-man limit it's tough to find room for a QB3 so I want a little bit of a security blanket for those weeks Allen disappears.

    Finally went off the reservation a little bit with the Guice pick. Superstar upside when healthy .... not that I ever expect that to happen, but even with short benches I'm gonna have to find room for a few dart-throws if I want to beat 15 other guys, so WTH not.

  4. On 4/22/2020 at 10:55 AM, Mr. Irrelevant said:

    3.05 Dak Prescott QB6 DAL
    4.06 Aaron Rodgers QB11 GB
    6.06 Sam Darnold QB24 NYJ
    16.06 Derek Carr QB30 LV

    1.05 Saquon Barkley RB3 NYG
    5.05 Todd Gurley RB16 ATL
    9.05 Kerryon Johnson RB28 DET
    11.05 Kareem Hunt RB33 CLE
    17.05 Tony Pollard RB43 DAL
    21.05 Justice Hill RB54 BAL

    2.06 DeAndre Hopkins WR5 AZ
    8.06 DeVante Parker WR24 MIA
    10.06 Marquise Brown WR34 BAL
    13.05 Will Fuller WR41 HOU
    15.05 Sammy Watkins WR51 KC
    20.06 Preston Williams WR63 MIA
    23.05 DeSean Jackson WR72 PHI
    26.06 Kelvin Harmon WR83 WAS

    7.05 Mark Andrews TE4 BAL
    14.06 Jonnu Smith TE19 TEN
    18.06 Irv Smith TE23 MIN

    12.06 49ers DST2 SF
    19.05 Broncos DST15 DEN
    24.06 Browns DST24 CLE
    27.05 Bengals DST28 CIN

    22.06 Mason Crosby PK16 GB
    25.05 Michael Badgley PK20 LAC

    Draft not a big impact on this team - probably more up than down.

    Carr probably locked in as the Week 1 starter in Vegas and better yet got a ton of shiny new toys to play with. If we redo this draft today he goes seven or eight rounds higher.

    I figured my best case was leaving the draft with the Fins' #1/3 WRs with #2/3 more likely. Inexplicably I still have their top 2. Tua's the real deal and Fitz isn't afraid to let 'er rip so QB isn't a big concern. D-Jax gets some nine-route competition but given how barren that corps was to begin with they can still both eat.

    No new threats to any of my young TEs, not that the 2020 draft crop should have anyone looking over their shoulder.

    Only one downside and it's a doozy - the Kerryon Experiment appears to be over in Detroit. Muted impact since I got him well below ADP to begin with but still stings. Hill goes from backup to afterthought in BAL but whatever, it's an RB6.

    Way above average at QB and DST which in this format should cover up whatever other holes I have. Best of luck all.

  5. 40 minutes ago, Stinkin Ref said:

    can someone please tell me why Cordarelle freakin Patterson keeps showing up towards the top of the lists in these things.......he is always up there on the Fantasy Sharks cheatsheets too.....do his parents do hundreds of mock draft every day or do they own fantasy sharks or something.....

    :lol: noticed that too.

    Up until these drafts kicked off, if you had put a gun to my head I legit couldn't even have told you whether Cordarrelle Patterson was still in the NFL ... and if you wanted to know what team he was on your next call would be to the coroner.

  6. 1 hour ago, -OZ- said:

    :2cents:i think Sutton and Jacobs have really good upside. 

    In full-PPR it's really tough to put up top-5ish RB numbers without major pass game involvement*, and Jacobs only had 27 targets last year. Not 27 catches ... 27 targets. And that was before the Raiders went out and drafted about 14 different pass-catchers.

    I think he's more a floor play in that he's probably good for 1,300-1,400 total yards and 8-10 TDs, but he'd need to catch closer to 60 balls to be a real upside threat and I just don't see that happening.

    * -  yes, I'm aware of the irony in preaching this to a guy whose top back finished RB2 last season with 18 catches ... clearly I just need Jacobs to score 20 TDs this year, LOL

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  7. 1.14	Kittle, George SFO TE2	
    2.03	Jacobs, Josh LVR RB11
    3.14	Sutton, Courtland DEN WR19
    4.03	Woods, Robert LAR WR24
    5.14	Allen, Josh BUF QB9
    6.03	Landry, Jarvis CLE WR34

    For the past few survivors I've pursued a ton of ceiling at the expense of week-in, week-out consistency. I luckboxed my way into one runner-up finish but otherwise been getting bounced earlier than usual. So I came into this one trying to make sure I got some boring, consistent types at the top of the roster. I guess I'm doing it right because while I've got some ceiling with Allen, the rest of this team bores the hell out of me. :lol:

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  8. 2 hours ago, Hairy Snowman said:

    This is TOM BRADY.  He is a coach on the field.  Much like Peyton Manning did his last few years, Tom Brady is more than capable of moving around pieces pre-snap to figure out the open man before the ball is even hiked. 

    Peyton Manning's second-to-last year in the league: 395-597 (66.2%), 39 TD, 15 INT, 7.68 ANY/A, 72.0 QBR

    Peyton Manning's last year in the league: 198-331 (59.8%), 9 TD, 17 INT, 4.52 ANY/A, 43.9 QBR

    It can happen just that fast.


  9. Sorry fellas. Don't know what happened there. I got a text when my 2nd-round pick was up (autodrafted round 1) but nothing this go-round. Only reason I didn't time out was I figured it was strange I hadn't been OTC in over a day ...

  10. Anyone familiar with PFR may recognize their "Adjusted Passing" stats, where they take raw stats for every QB and attempt to era-adjust them by setting the average for each stat, for each season, to 100. Here are Andy Dalton's attempt-weighted career stats by this measure and, no, I swear I'm not making these up:

    Y/A+	 99.2 
    NY/A+	 101.2 
    AY/A+	 98.8 
    ANY/A+	 100.1 
    Cmp%+	 98.6 
    TD%+	 102.0 
    Int%+	 97.9 
    Sack%+	 103.7 
    Rate+	 99.3 

    I mean, that's hilarious. You couldn't do better if someone gave you a copy of Madden and asked you to create a league-average QB.

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  11. 1 hour ago, ZWK said:

    11.01 Jared Goff
    12.12 Jimmy Garoppolo
    13.01 Kirk Cousins
    Three solid QB2 types (with a shot at low-end QB1). I was the last to take a QB, but the second team to get my 3rd QB. That is often how I like to do best ball. I was a little worried a run might come in rd11-12 but it did not.

    Based on my experience in MFL10s, IMO this strategy is the mortal nuts. In fact I planned on employing it myself, but it turns out I don't have the brass ones to wait until the 11th round the way you did.

  12. 47 minutes ago, NorrisB said:

    so SSL is merged with PDSL?

    I don’t think there was a choice - by the time we managed to get 16 signed up for PDSL it was a day or two before the draft.

    So having said that ... TIL that in MFL if you don’t run a league one year, you can’t carry it forward the following year (I tried to pull SSL2 from 2018 into 2020 and couldn’t). So I may try to solicit another group and run it as a “post-draft” PDSL later on so we can save the league history ... maybe after bye weeks come out?

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  13. 8.06	Wentz, Carson PHI QB13
    9.07	Brown, Marquise BAL WR37
    10.06	Brown, John BUF WR43
    11.07	Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def2

    Gotta agree with Bass ... this is the most frustrating draft I've been in all year. @Stinkin Ref - fair warning - the next time you put me between you and Bass in the draft order I'm gonna turn on autodraft to save my blood pressure.

    Had to pick up a QB at some point and as I said above ... Wentz and Stafford are the last two names that don't make me nauseous as a QB1. Wentz gets the nod because he's typically fared best with a downfield burner at WR, and between FA and the draft the Eagles now have about 5 of them.

    I was giddy at this WR duo possibly being Cooks and Sanders, so of course they each went one pick before me. Whatever. The Browns are decent consolation prizes in best-ball and Diggs coming to BUF should open up their offense a little more.

    Honestly expected the DSTs to start coming off the board a little sooner than they did. Made sure to get one top-tier option and can mix and match from there.

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  14. 8 hours ago, by_the_sea_wannabe said:

    Stafford, Matthew DET QB he and jones were the last of the qb 1 guys 4 me. feel more comfortable with matty

    I see an absolute chasm between Stafford and the rest of the pack at QB.

    Wentz / Stafford and everyone above them = completely confident using as every-week starter

    Everyone below them = total f'in dart throw

    IMO at least, and I'm probably wrong.

  15. 8 hours ago, BoltBacker said:


    People seem to be losing their minds over GB and PHI drafting QB's and I don't get it. Those two franchises pretty much always value depth at QB more than most so it's not surprising. Developing QB's and depth at QB is just a smart thing and you have to spend draft capital to do that. They just seem like GB/PHI type moves to me and they have been very successful doing it that way over the years.

    Eagles fan here. It's hard to argue that Philly is overvaluing the backup QB position when the last one of note literally has a freaking STATUE outside the stadium.

    But it's a matter of opportunity cost. I'm rarely a fan of trading up, but top-15ish drafted WRs have a remarkably low bust rate compared to most other positions. By the time Jeudy / Lamb dropped into the mid-teens, it wouldn't have even cost the full value of their 2nd to go get one of them (i.e. they could have moved up and still gotten a pick back). You have to wonder if it was worth missing out on one of the two clear consensus elite talents at your single biggest position of need just so you could get (and potentially reach for!) a guy whom, in the best-case scenario, will never start a game for you.

  16. Damn you @by_the_sea_wannabe - four times the draft has come this way and that's the third time you've taken my exact guy.

    5.07	Mr. Irrelevant	Higbee, Tyler LAR TE7
    6.06	Mr. Irrelevant	McLaurin, Terry WAS WR27	
    7.07	Mr. Irrelevant	Fant, Noah DEN TE12

    There isn't much of a reception premium for TE vs. WR in this format (as opposed to the survivors or Anarchy leagues), so on its face it doesn't seem like it would make sense to spend much draft capital at TE. But even at this stage true potential difference-makers at WR are thin on the ground, and guys with 60/800/6 stat lines will be available many rounds from now - whereas last year's TE14 couldn't even manage 8ppg, so grabbing two guys with 15ppg upside seemed like a worthwhile gamble at this point.

  17. 1.07	Adams, Davante GBP WR2	
    2.06	Drake, Kenyan ARI RB10	
    3.07	Edwards-Helaire, Clyde KCC RB15	
    4.06	Bell, Le'Veon NYJ RB19	

    Starting out my more typical RB-heavy after going in different directions in previous best-balls this offseason.

    Don't  much like the 7-hole right now ... no issues with Adams at 7 given the Packers' bizarre refusal to supplement their pass game weapons, but IMO there's still a tier break between the top-5 RB + Thomas and the field. I'd have been happier with Hill or Julio plus an earlier 2nd-rounder like Mixon.

    My top 2 RBs have a combined 0.5 seasons of RB1 performance at the NFL level ... what could go wrong? In all seriousness - Kingsbury's moves during FA and the draft amount to a huge vote of confidence in Drake as a bellcow, and I'm way optimistic on the Cards offense in general.

    As for CEH ... he's prob not a guy I'll want at this price in most leagues, but as a first-round draft pick walking into a Reid / Mahomes offense, there's at least some reasonable potential for top-5 upside, and in a best-ball I'll play a little home run derby here. I was reallllly hoping Sanders would fall to me - thanks for nothing BTSW. :censored: Bell seemed like a good complement to the CEH pick since his range of outcomes is pretty tightly centered in RB2 territory.

  18. 34 minutes ago, Deamon said:

    New additions for 2020:

    Marquise Goodwin: 4.27 speed
    Jalen Reagor: 4.29 speed
    Adrian Killins:  4.31 speed
    Quez Watkins: 4.35 speed
    DeSean Jackson: 4.35 speed
    John Hightower: 4.43 speed


  19. Just now, Deamon said:

    The official trade details: #Eagles and #49ers flipped 6th-round picks, with Philadelphia also getting WR Marquise Goodwin.

    Ok way better.

    LMAO ... okay, this is probably way closer to Goodwin's actual value.

    As I said upthread yesterday - if I'm Howie, screw what's left of the WR draft board, I'm making a dozen phone calls and trying to pry some WRs loose for pick swaps. Preferably guys still on rookie deals, but hey, beggars can't be choosers at this point.

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