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  1. There's a bridge going over the expressway somewhere in Ohio...can't remember exactly where. It's Fangboner Road.
  2. Nirvana...Where did you sleep last night Alice in Chains...Nutshell Both albums are super solid, those are the best songs off each imo
  3. I could put Boone in for Gordon or Sutton. I don't know
  4. My opponent in the championship game had Higbee in until today. Now Howard. Not sure how I feel about that since I'm the one that drafted and dropped him. Pretty sure he'll go off.
  5. 10 team, .5ppr, keep 1 Me...Lamar, Barkley, Gordon, Julio, Parker, H. Henry, Sutton and NE Bench...Golladay, White, Boone, Kirk Opponent... Wentz, Carson, Fournette, M. Thomas, A.J Brown, Howard, Perriman and Pitt Bench....Gurley, M. Sanders, lost Evans
  6. Look at that 6 plays 75 yards and a td. 5 runs and 1 pass.
  7. 6 carries at the half against one of the worst run defenses.....Kitchens is sooooo bad.
  8. I own them and wouldn't trade them because I'd never get equal value. They also play @Cincy and Buffalo in weeks 15/16....I'm 7-1 so I hope I at least make it to week 15 lol. I picked up Indy last week since they play Miami on their bye. Then they get Jax at home while NE is at Philly. Week 12 is at home vs Dallas which doesn't scare me, but the Browns are at home vs Miami that week and also play at home vs Cincy in wk14. I might look for someone in weeks 13/14 when they're @Hou/KC. Indy plays Tenn/@TB those weeks which isn't terrible. GB and Philly are on my wire and have some
  9. I want to give Walton a shot, but I don't really have anyone to drop. Herndon would be the only one. That just leaves me with Henry at TE though. White, Gordon, Brieda and McCoy aren't cutting it at RB2 behind Saquan....not sure Walton even helps.
  10. I don't think I've ever seen a linemen flip in the air and kick the ball out of his RBs hands....only the Browns. This season is the most disappointed I've been since they choked away the playoff game to Pitt in 02'. Every season between then and now has been crap other than 07'.....and they still managed to choke away a game to Cincy to help them miss the playoffs at 10-6 😑
  11. That was the 3rd Browns game I ever attended, it was the season opener. After the game everyone was just walking around saying wtf? The 2nd game I went to was the previous season vs Jax....also known as bottlegate. I don't go to many games anymore 🤣
  12. Yeah, I don't think the oline is that bad. I've seen much, much worse this season. Baker has been bad and Kitchens has no clue. I knew they were doomed when they went pass, pass, pass, punt on the very first series in a torrential downpour. The first quarter was an episode of football follies.
  13. I went to rake some leaves and the Browns scored and blocked a fg....I'm going to go rake more leaves
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