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  1. Not sure if you'd call it godly, but had to give up 2 mid firsts, early and mid second and a 3rd to get him.
  2. How much would you give up or how much would it take for you to give up Jefferson, I’ve just had a Michael Thomas straight up offer declined very quickly. There are very few WRs I wouldn’t move for him personally. Just wondering if rookie fever has hit me on this
  3. I’m a huge fan of Hollywood and have him everywhere, and would pay this very easily
  4. Gurley isn’t worth a first, but I added him to Evans to get Lamb last week. I can’t imagine any Lamb owner accepting Evans straight up. I agree he will be at least a round ahead of Evans in startups next year
  5. I agree with this. Was disappointed when I saw they were getting rid of it. This thread sinking to page 2 with no replies makes me think we are in the minority though
  6. He’s not going to be out furlong, so is well worth holding
  7. Waiting For Goedert, great team name and picking Henderson ahead of Harry I’m going to assume posts/lurks here too
  8. There’s one guy in every league like this, moaning and whining about how long people are taking to make picks. There’s no rush, spend the time on deck finalising who you want to take, explore potential trades. If you get to the point where you are concerned about the time you are taking to make a pick because others in the league are stressing about it, then it’s probably not a good league to be in.
  9. Following on from yesterdays Phillip Lindsay trades, 12 team PPR Lindsay traded for Gallup and 1.07 (he had acquired 1.07, Gallup and Mixon earlier in the week for his Zeke) This wasn't my trade but the above prompted me to send an offer of 2.04 and 2.07 in another league for Lindsay and that was accepted straight away.
  10. 12 Team PPR Gave Jimmy G, Doctson, 2019 2nd (looking late at this stage) Got Callaway
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