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  1. As others have already mentioned, my brain jumped to @EBF and @ZWK first and foremost for rookie analysis for dynasty leagues. The dynasty value discussion thread is littered with guys (and/or gals) whose opinions I respect - too many to list - but I do find I perk up a little when the poster is @Concept Coop, @Biabreakable, @FreeBaGeL, @Boston Fred, @Boston, @Dr. Octopus, @Just Win Baby, @Zyphros, @Ministry of Pain, @rockaction, @barackdhouse, and many more I’m sure I’m neglecting to mention. Like @Biabreakable said, though, I’m not dismissing something out of hand just because I
  2. This is where I am with Aiyuk. I bought just after the Patriots game and despite the Covid stint, his production out of my WR3 spot was a huge factor in reaching the finals in two dynasty leagues. Shanny feeds his X receiver, and everyone has always said there’s too many mouths to feed in that offense, but I disagree. I think he’s been hunting for his alpha WR to complement Kittle (drafting Pettis second round, then drafting Deebo second round, then finally paying up with a first for Aiyuk). Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, Pierre Garçon - that’s the role he’s been trying to fill in his offe
  3. Good point. I’ve thought about Bass myself and was really frustrated I didn’t pick him up last week. I’ve continued to look at FGAs by team and FGAs allowed by team to find my kicker matchups. High implied team totals can also help, especially if you think the team with the high total will be leading as that often equates to more kicking opportunities icing the game away. I’m on Zeurlein this week with Minny giving up a ton of FGAs and the Cowboys getting their offense healthier. Next week I may go back to the same well with Slye against Minny. Or I’ll ride Greg the Leg. Or I’ll co
  4. Thanks for this! Where does one find the "Harris Index" every week?

    Thanks much.

  5. With Fournette unceremoniously released, Armstead missing practice after previously being on the COVID-19 list, and only fellow UDFA (from 2019) Devine Ozigbo on the roster ahead of him, it seems Robinson deserves his own thread to discuss. He's from FCS Illinois State, but received a combine invite where he weighed in at 219 lbs at 5'9". His Scouting Combine metrics: 40-time: 4.64 Vertical: 40" (second among RBs only to AJ Dillon's 41") Broad: 125" (fifth among RBs: Dillon was 131" followed by 3 dudes from an unlicensed video game - Jet Anderson, Rico Dowdle, Brian Herrien) 3-Co
  6. Couldn’t find a thread for this guy, but was searching on my phone. If there’s another one, please merge. Electric returned at Georgia. Bills have schemed plays for him the past few weeks, getting him 4, 4, 4, and 8 touches. Last week he took over the slot role full time after the release of Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes, pushing Zay Jones to the outside. McKenzie played 78% of the snaps, ran 43 routes, and had 7 targets in addition to 4 carries. Today they play the Lions who have been hammered by slot receivers, plus no Ivory and likely no McCoy may elevate McKenzie’s floor. He
  7. OK Homers -- talk me in or out of using Detroit vs. Chicago this weekend as my DST streamer. They seem to be on a roll, and shutting down Drew and the boys in the dome definitely catches my attention.
  8. May end up a guy worth watching. I've never personally been blown away by Buck Allen. Forest clearly has a vice grip on that job now, but has been banged up previously this year. Mostert is a SPARQ freak who dominated preseason in Philly, then was on Miami's practice squad, called up, and cut. The Ravens claimed him off waivers. We all know the sterling success the Philbin administration had in talent evaluation. Mostert is an uber long shot, but there's some real athletic talent that a coach like Trestman could really take advantage of. With the release of Terrance McGee, Mostert should be
  9. I think the post above was right though -- he's almost $27MM to franchise. That's a crippling figure...
  10. Question for the Detroit homers... I own the Detroit DST in dynasty, who have been quite the pleasant surprise this year. But if they lose Suh, seems like that would be a major, major blow to that defense. Is it just a foregone conclusion he's gone?
  11. not to nitpick here, but RG3 is not really a good "quarterback" yet. He has a ton of flaws. When he cannot run these flaws are exposed immensely. Unless that was your point. If so then apologies. Meant from a fantasy perspective and dynasty value. RGIII could have been sold for a fortune his rookie year before he got hurt.
  12. When it comes to JFF in dynasty, I'm pretty convinced there will be a strong window in which his value will rise substantially from whatever you paid to acquire him. The trick, at that point, is going to be knowing 1) whether to sell or believe; and 2) when to sell if that's the route you go. The second he lights up some team for 75 yards rushing and a score plus another 200 passing and a score, the fantasy community will go gaga (look at Terrelle Pryor last year for a stretch). If you time that selling window right, there's almost a guaranteed opportunity for profit with Manziel. The quest
  13. I've not read this whole thread and probably won't be owning Manziel in my dynasty unless he falls right in my lap. Just gotta say I have a serious feeling he's either the next RGIII in 3 years or he's gone the way of Tebow. In some ways he's like the antithesis of Tebow. Manziel has the tools, but I question the Nuke LaLoosh factor with him. Tebow had the heart and work ethic, just lacked the tools.
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