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  1. As others have already mentioned, my brain jumped to @EBF and @ZWK first and foremost for rookie analysis for dynasty leagues. The dynasty value discussion thread is littered with guys (and/or gals) whose opinions I respect - too many to list - but I do find I perk up a little when the poster is @Concept Coop, @Biabreakable, @FreeBaGeL, @Boston Fred, @Boston, @Dr. Octopus, @Just Win Baby, @Zyphros, @Ministry of Pain, @rockaction, @barackdhouse, and many more I’m sure I’m neglecting to mention. Like @Biabreakable said, though, I’m not dismissing something out of hand just because I
  2. This is where I am with Aiyuk. I bought just after the Patriots game and despite the Covid stint, his production out of my WR3 spot was a huge factor in reaching the finals in two dynasty leagues. Shanny feeds his X receiver, and everyone has always said there’s too many mouths to feed in that offense, but I disagree. I think he’s been hunting for his alpha WR to complement Kittle (drafting Pettis second round, then drafting Deebo second round, then finally paying up with a first for Aiyuk). Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, Pierre Garçon - that’s the role he’s been trying to fill in his offe
  3. Good point. I’ve thought about Bass myself and was really frustrated I didn’t pick him up last week. I’ve continued to look at FGAs by team and FGAs allowed by team to find my kicker matchups. High implied team totals can also help, especially if you think the team with the high total will be leading as that often equates to more kicking opportunities icing the game away. I’m on Zeurlein this week with Minny giving up a ton of FGAs and the Cowboys getting their offense healthier. Next week I may go back to the same well with Slye against Minny. Or I’ll ride Greg the Leg. Or I’ll co
  4. Not sure we find out today with them missing Mercilus and Roby. I’m off that game ... moved to WFT and Arizona.
  5. Thanks for this! Where does one find the "Harris Index" every week?

    Thanks much.

  6. Interesting point about Seattle’s late schedule. They just added major pass rush from Dunlap and should have Jamaal Adams back in the coming weeks. ETA - Seattle closes the year with Eagles, Giants, Jets, WTFs weeks 12-15. May need someone else week 16 vs LAR, but that’s a nice stretch of matchups.
  7. Wanted Miami but they were claimed ahead of me. I have WFT currently but, as mentioned above, they’ve been roasted lately. Still Daniel Jones makes mistakes and takes sacks, and that line should generate pressure. Other options are Tennessee at Houston, Carolina hosting Nick Foles and Chicago, or Minnesota playing Atlanta. First half Minny looked like they were getting it together, and then Russ and the Seahawks torched them in the second half.
  8. That’s literally my debate - Arizona or Cleveland. Arizona getting healthy on D helps, and Flacco can’t move at all. But the Jets are getting back Bell and the Cardinals have been disappointing overall. Plus they’re on the road while Cleveland is at home. Becton being doubtful can’t help that Jets OL though.
  9. I would’ve sore I saw Colts were expecting to be without LT Anthony Costanzo, but I cannot find a link. If that comes to pass, their backup LT, with a statue at QB, will be facing Myles Garrett.
  10. Originally added Dallas for the upcoming matchup with NYG, but they’ve been so incredibly awful that I’m getting cold feet. I don’t think the Giants have the running game to exploit that weakness the way Cleveland did, and Jones is almost always good for turnovers and a few sacks, AND you’d think if anyone knows what Garrett wants to call on offense, it’s Dallas. But they’ve been boat raced by almost everyone. Im considering Cleveland against Indy as an alternative. Cleveland getting healthier in the secondary certainly helps, and Rivers isn’t scaring anyone these days. Cleveland shuts d
  11. Yeah it’s kinda nuts, but this is exactly what Rivera did in Carolina. They stumbled upon Norman and Bradberry to some extent, though the latter was a small school second rounder. Rivera’s system has always focused on pressure with zone schemes to mask secondary deficiencies. Not as good as the front line, but that’s where the zone concepts try to confuse the other team. This. Fuller didn’t play Sunday, so presumably one of their starting corners will be returning soon, hopefully for Sunday.
  12. Starting to wonder how legit Tampa is. Got sniped on them in a few leagues, so went with Arizona. I’ll be watching Washington closely this week too. Kyler Murray is very hard to get sacked, but that front seven for WFT looks nasty. We’ll see if they’re legit or if the Eagles are really that bad.
  13. I think Tampa is a great add if available. They were poached in my leagues, so Cardinals it is for this week. Haskins looked horrific to my eyes, and I have zero fears of the WFT running game.
  14. I think the Jags are more dangerous on offense than anyone is giving them credit for. I’d be looking at the Cardinals or a Bucs this week, I think.
  15. True on all fronts. Jackson injury makes me a little skittish. Also no Vic Beasley, which he's perennially underperformed, but I trusted Vrabel to get the most out of him. There’s still Clowney and Landry for pass rush, but I heard David Chao on the fantasypros podcast say Sutton could play through this with a shot and a brace. Maybe he’s just a decoy, but without Jackson it’s something else to pay attention to. It also seems like the Eagles are always out of sorts week 1 and then get better as the season goes along. Their OL injuries, Lane Johnson not being 100% and maybe not making it
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